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To Saratov with two-day visit there has arrived Vyacheslav Volodin

The two-day holiday vitse - the prime minister of the government of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin will spend again in the Saratov region. Today the vice-president of the Government of the Russian Federation will meet directors of schools and managing kindergartens in Volske.

Speech at a meeting will go about forthcoming upgrade in an education sphere. As Vyacheslav Volodin, « has noted; at scale upgrade of the Russian schools as which initiator the head of the government of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin, two primary goals has acted. The first - to make necessary repair of school buildings, to improve them financially - the technical base, the second - to raise the status of the teacher. Means for updating of schools will be directed from the federal budget, and that money which in connection with federal support will be liberated at regions, will go on increase of salaries of teachers. The next two academic years in the Russian regions 120 billion will arrive in addition Roubles from the federal budget, and not less than half from this sum - 60 billion roubles - will make regional sofinansirovanie.

Thus, - has underlined V.Volodin, - since September, 1st of this year the wages fund of teachers should be increased by 30 %. And within two years the average salary of the teacher should be made even to an average salary on economy in region ».

participants of a meeting with Vyacheslav Volodinym and today`s position malokomplektnyh schools Will discuss. Them in the Saratov region more than 500, also are trained there an order of 34 thousand children. In opinion, V.Volodina, « malokomplektnye rural schools, as a rule, are the centre of public life, and their mass closing can lead to gradual extinction of village. Therefore the decision on this or that school, - is considered by Vyacheslav Volodin, - it is necessary to accept very much vzveshenno, considering each concrete case separately. The offer of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovicha Putin to create on base malokomplektnyh schools branches of larger, base schools will help not only to save rural schools, but also to make education in them better ».

Also at a meeting it is planned to consider and other sign federal decision - to enter at schools a new post « the teacher - the librarian ». In our area in educational institutions than thousand school librarians work more. As has noted V.Volodin, « their average salary the same as also the salary of teachers, will grow to level of average on economy in region. And it, certainly, will raise the status of school librarians ».

One more question which is planned to discuss at a meeting - a problem of the device of the child in a kindergarten. The general turn of children in preschool educational institutions across the Saratov region more than 13 thousand persons. According to Vyacheslav Volodina, « according to the accepted amendments to the federal budget preschool education financing this year will be increased twice. These means will be directed to regions where the question of maintenance of places in kindergartens is a priority for local authorities. The help will be that who pays it attention ».