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Izhevchanki spend money for accessories, than for clothes more?

Izhevsk – a fashionable city! And though many stylists and designers in it doubt, remain those who believes in this slogan and the more so tries to look on all 100 daily. « has decided to find out, how it is possible to a weak half of our city to look always beautiful and that they choose for this purpose in clothing stores.

Every second izhevachanka is ready to spend for a bag to 3000 roubles

With a question, and on what you spend the capital, we left on streets of Izhevsk. To meet izhevchanok in a dress it has appeared uneasy employment. Even more often on city streets it is possible to see girls in jeans and a T-shirt.

Style « feminity » . Yana Kim:   « I very much like to wear dresses and high heels. Sometimes jeans. A dress which now on me, I took in Moscow for 3000 roubles ».

- so it is convenient Me, has pulled houses that is and forward for work, - Olga has told izhevchanka. - so it would be desirable to put on a beautiful dress, ornaments. But there is no time for favourite.

There are also those who has to the contrary decided that it is necessary to be not only beautiful. But also the most unusual and unique. Therefore in streets of Izhevsk it is possible to meet girls who wear clothes not from fashionable houses of Milan and Paris, and simply made own hands. And here the imagination is not present a limit. Beginning from hats and skirts, finishing accessories: earrings and bags.

Style « kezhual » . Anna Solana:   « I love jeans and vests and necessarily supplied with a waistcoat or a bolero. Or multi-coloured scarfs and scarfs. On me now jeans which 2500 roubles, a vest &ndash stand; 999 roubles and a top from sale - 300 roubles ».

All in poll have taken part 60 izhevchanok. On a question that you prefer to carry, 40 girls have unanimously responded - jeans. 10 have sided with bright dresses. And 10 trousers or bridges, with T-shirts or blouses have responded.

On the average, cost of the jeans which have been put on on interrogated girls, - from 1500 to 2000 roubles. And here   on accessories every second girl is ready to lay out the sum big, than on other dress.   on a bag – from 1500 to 3000 roubles, on ornaments – from 300 to 1000 roubles, on good perfume – from 1500 to 4000 roubles.

Style « sexy » .   Evgenie Soskova: « I Love things which underline a dress figure, trousers, mini - skirts, shorts. I want to look beautiful and to involve sights of associates. The dress on me costs 1990 roubles. It was pleasant to me the brightness and freshness! ».


Izhevchanki are very various!

Alexander Telitsyna`s Designer.

- Style izhevchanok is difficult for carrying to any one direction in clothes, - has told Alexander Telitsyna`s designer. - It is possible to tell that, mixing some styles in one complete set, at times transform the dress into something interesting. Last of youth directions -   « hipstery ». It those young men in which clothes the unisex prevails. The vintage in a combination to last fashionable tendencies, the stretched and worn T-shirts, gym shoes or massive heels and platforms, a top - sajdery, lofery, volume scarfs is used. Basically sports style is carried by students or those who is anyhow connected with sports. But I as would like for the designer, that girls had in clothes and other things. Dresses and skirts, and the more, the better! And any girl should have expensive good bag!

And with what it is connected, what our girls even more often carry jeans and T-shirts? Probably, that is convenient and accessible clothes. Especially prints are actual. And I have made summer T-shirts with prints in a new collection.