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In Murmansk the fifth-grader tried to commit suicide

Mum of the pupil of the seventh grammar school of Denis Ageeva Elena Vasilevna shudders till now, when remembers the happened.

-       my son at first tried to be thrown out in a window, and was then locked in a bathroom where we have a repair, and has seized for nozhovku, - the woman tells.

fortunately, Denis managed to be calmed but to return the child to normal life, the psychologist was necessary.


the Conflict has begun after New year. The sportsman and pride of a grammar school began to bring bad estimations, was nervous, zadergannyj, but first did not say to parents that occurs. And then has suddenly broken and began to shout: « I am necessary to nobody, nobody loves me ».

-       Shortly before it I was called by the teacher replacing our class teacher and in the categorical form has declared that we need to employ tutors in three subjects — to Russian, mathematics and world around, - Elena continues. - and as them teachers of a grammar school act. Employment pass in a class. We already visited such tutors, but to sense was not, therefore I have refused.

according to Elena, on the child revilings and the two fell down. Especially actively it did the teacher on « to World around » Zubkov`s Hope.

-       the reference at it boorish, - confirms murmanchanka. - She directly said to my child that will force out it from a grammar school, offended obscenely, shook and named « suchonyshem ».

At teachers the version of events which they have voiced Elena at a meeting where it has come together with Denis. Teachers have declared to it that her son together with one of the schoolmates breaks lessons.

-       they at the child have told that he silly, false and resourceful, - quotes Elena. - after that the child had a failure.

parents have taken away the boy to the psychologist in the Center of the help to a family and children.

-       the child was exposed to psychological violence, - the expert of the centre of Evgenie Kopteva - the Boy quiet and quite adequate speaks. It not from those who will complain, but an accumulated negative can lead to irreparable consequences. The child starts to stammer at a mention of school. It obviously regularly humiliated.


After dialogue with the psychologist of the claim from other teachers to the child have stopped. But the teacher on « to World around » having learnt that Denis has told all to parents, became even more malicious.

-       It threatened my son that it will be beaten by its own son - the teenager and that she will expel from a grammar school of my second child, the pupil of the third class at which too conducts some subjects, - Elena complains.

the administration of school and the inspector already has interfered with an event on affairs of minors.

-       parents to us more than once complained that Zubkov`s Hope offends children, it supposes and other professional infringements, - the director of a grammar school Alexander Petrov recognises. - but it is necessary to us to show only to it claims, it brings an action at once against administration. Its favourite phrase: « you will prove nothing ». We tried to dismiss it on reduction - it has not turned out, but if militian check confirms its fault, it will be made.

-       Even if the child huliganistyj is not an occasion to offend it, - the chief of department on affairs of minors of department of militia 3 Maria Borets considers. - we have interrogated fifth-graders. The majority of them has confirmed that the teacher humiliated them. However the part of parents has refused documentary fixation told by their children because children still to study in this grammar school.

the inspector have communicated to Nadezhdoj Zubkovoj. The teacher asserts that anything such was not. She on a broader scale has declared to Denis Elena`s mum that it is other teachers humiliated her son. Relatives of the teacher consider that it simply want to survive from school as the ardent defender of justice.

now Zubkov`s Hope has left in holiday. And after returning the conflict will be already assorted by judges. The inspector was found in its actions by signs of criminal article « the Reviling ». Denis`s mother is going to translate the both sons from a grammar school.