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Childless samartsy have found substitute mother, and it, having given birth to the child, has left with it abroad!

enterprising Olga has made profit of the child twice: the first time, having agreed to become mum for rent. The second when has convinced the rich Spaniard that is his son, he has believed and married. Biological parents   in despair. Their boy remained with the woman whom they have chosen as an incubator!

telling the story, a married couple Vadim and Oksana considerably were nervous. Has passed a year, and they cannot come to the senses till now. Their long-awaited kid grows where - that on foreign land. And parents cannot even look at it!    

40 - summer Vadim and 32 - summer Oksana many years dreamt of the child. That only spouses did: were treated and abroad, and in the best clinics of Russia - all is vain. In one of hospitals it have advised to find substitute mother.

- On the Internet we have chosen from the sea of announcements 35 - the summer woman, - Oksana tells, nervously touching a jacket corner. - to us it has seemed to the pleasant. Have met, have talked. And after dialogue have decided to entrust it a birth of our kid. Arguments « for »: the adult woman, two children, understands, on what goes, and money needs. We have thought, such precisely will not encroach on our child!

Paid in a month of 40 000 roubles

First all developed successfully. Olga after change of embryos has become pregnant at once. Pleased Vadim and Oksana have rented to the woman apartment in Moscow, that it   it was observed in elite capital clinic. Have signed all papers, paid to Olga every month 40 thousand roubles, and were after the delivery obliged to pay 350 thousand more. Equipped a nursery in apartment and with impatience waited birth of the kid.    

- Olga willingly told, how pregnancy proceeds, together even on ultrasonic went, - Oksana remembers. - we have incurred all expenses. It besides 40 thousand from us constantly extorted money. That at it the senior child will be ill, on a garden it is necessary to the daughter. Has then asked, that we till a birth of the child have given a part of the sum promised to it. We have executed also its this request.

Have caught with the man

Though the first disturbing calls were distributed in the pregnancy beginning. When Olga was two months gone, spouses without the prevention have arrived to it on apartment. Any intelligent man stayed with substitute mother.

- the Tummy at Olga it was yet visible, - Oksana remembers. - At the sight of us she first was confused, has then told that it is the relative, in transit in Moscow and has come to come to see. We have believed. Then some times did not find the house. Olga not clearly where was wound, I have started to worry. It said lies that went on courses for the future mums that it is easy to give birth. It was necessary to think a head, what courses, after all at it already two children! But we have not given it value.

When spouses have learnt that there will be a boy, Vadim, the adult man, jumped to a ceiling!

- the Husband always dreamt of the son, - Oksana speaks. - told, how he will learn to play it football, to go with it on fishing. Simply dreamt the boy.

« the Child remains at me! »

Having learnt that the son was born, spouses have at full speed rushed off in hospital. What their amazement when they have seen was that Olga nurses their son. After all to substitute mother should not even show the kid.

- I have decided that the child remains at me, - the woman has declared, looking it in eyes. - and money to you I will return parts.  

- you do not represent that with me was, when I have seen the boy, and to me it have not given, - with tears Oksana remembers. - Olga continued to repeat that at us is not present on the child   any rights.  

to Fight in maternity home of the spouse did not become, people too intelligent. Thought that will persuade substitute mother to crawfish. But after an extract the woman has disappeared, and her parents as guerrillas, were silent. Only repeated that Olja will compensate all spent money.  

- We were converted to the lawyer, - Oksana speaks. - He has told that the law on the party of substitute mother. If she decides to leave the kid, no written contracts will help. However, she can be accused of swindle, money - that it took and has not given, and to bring an action. But it is necessary to have on hands all checks under expenses, to prove that money is spent for substitute mother. Alas, we did not store them.  

Gave birth to children to keep muzhiks  

What for substitute mother   another`s child? Perhaps, the woman was smitten with love for it, bearing the kid? « » has met Olginoj mum. Svetlana Vasilevna has handed over a daughter with giblets. I listened to cynical story enterprising samarchanki and mentally went nuts. Not life, and present Santa - Barbara!

Olga always dreamt of the prince on a white game, and it is better on « Mercedes ». Criteria accurate: The man should be well-founded and is more senior it. It spent all grant and pocket money for belongings, walked on restaurants and, hardly having ended trading school, in 19 years has married in a hurry. At once has given birth to the child - suddenly the husband will leave! Its elect responded all parametres. In cash, 30 years. It has quickly risen on a career ladder and … has fallen down from the near wife to Moscow. What for in capital the ninny from periphery? Olga after divorce has grieved not for long. While the grandmother as a lamb to the slaughter sat with 5 - the summer grandson, a daughter « hunted » on restaurants and the VIP - to clubs for the following candidate for husbands. Also has found: it for 12 years was more senior Olga and for the sake of the hot beauty has got divorced from wife.  

- Vladimir cared and nursed a daughter. Has promised to take her as wife if will give birth to it to the fellow-heir, - Svetlana Vasilevna remembers. - At it in Samara some beauty salons, in Moscow - clothing store. I rejoiced for the daughter that such groom have snipped off. All at them at first was good. But Olga after a birth of the daughter has absolutely grown lazy: did nothing on the house, it was for days on end wound on shops and restaurants. Volode all it has quickly bothered.

By an example of the first husband of Olga it too has left to Moscow. At last having thrown that its children are not necessary to it, say, the son wanted, and you have given birth to the daughter. In general, the next kick of destiny! The alimony well-founded daddies paid through time in the small sums. After some months even own mother has howled. Svetlana Vasilevna has delivered to a useless daughter the ultimatum: or she gets a job, or goes to live on street, and it without it will nurture grandsons. Here then Olga also has decided to earn additionally mum   for rent.   Someone from girlfriends has advised to put in the statement in the World Wide Web. The childless family was quickly. It were Oksana and Vadim.

Twisted novels being the pregnant woman

Eh, spouses would know about artful plans of the darling 35 - the summer woman with two children on hands. Olga, already pregnant, searched for the foreigner - the husband, hanging   on a dating site. « grooms » offered it meetings in Moscow. And here, very opportunely, Vadim and Oksana have suggested to move to capital. Soon on horizon has loomed 45 - the summer childless Spaniard from Barcelona. The former wife of the foreigner long time was treated for barreness, but and could not present to it the fellow-heir. And at the woman in a head the brilliant plan has blossomed. To convince the Spaniard that Olga`s child, that is Vadim and Oksana, it. And after all has convinced! The foreigner, having learnt news, carried it on hands. And enterprising samarchanka continued to milk indifferently poor fellows - spouses. Suddenly the Spaniard will come round and will throw it, as former husbands.  

- Olga needed not to break the transaction, to give birth to the child. Only then it was going to present biological parents with a fait accompli that the child will not give, - mum about swindles of the daughter has told. - while made out the visa to Spain and waited for the offer from the potential hubby!

When substitute mother has definitively understood that the Spaniard on a hook, the destiny of the kid has been solved.  

- Now Olja with all children lives safely in Spain, - Svetlana Vasilevna continues. - Waits for one more child, now it is exact from the husband what does not need and gradually sends to me of money that I have given to their pair thanks to which child of Olja has arranged the life.

Will revenge substitute mother for a deceit Vadim and Oksana? It seems that the married couple up to the end yet has not solved.

- it is a pity To us of Olga`s children. They are not guilty that at them such mother, - spouses speak. - but we will try to take away the child. Biologically it ours!

there is an OPINION

It is necessary to make competently the contract

Evgenie SAVIN, the lawyer:

- In Russia the substitute motherhood is legislatively authorised. Legal aspects   agreements between biological parents and the reproductive woman are regulated by the Family code of the Russian Federation. A minus of the current legislation that substitute mother can leave the child to itself. Transfer of the child by substitute mother to biological parents a contract subject cannot be, as the child cannot be a transaction subject.

I advise correctly to make the agreement with substitute mother. The rights and duties of the parties should be accurately registered. Competently made contract should contain point that if substitute mother will decide to leave the child to itself undertakes to pay all expenses to biological parents. At yours   a married couple the contract has been made very softly, without categorical formulations. It protected first of all substitute   mother. For example,   it was necessary to include point in it: it is impossible to take out the child from the country. Or, if examination establishes, what exactly they - biological   parents of the child, all rights to their party.

Rady IHSANOV, the sexologist, the candidate of psychological sciences:

- the Substitute motherhood has initially unnatural character. Nobody cancelled affections of the woman in the child which it some months bear. Even if it gives the kid to biological parents, in destiny of the woman there is an indelible trace. In the given moment process of conception, and vynashivanie is important not. In it is the conflict of both parties.  

And At this time

Substitute mothers too throw

29 - summer samarchanka Marina has agreed to become substitute mother to earn on medicines for the sick mum, and in   result remained without money and with another`s child on hands. Biological parents were gone after have learnt a sex of a child. They, you see wanted the girl, instead of the boy. A year later, truth, have come round, wanted to take away the kid, yes late. Marina has refused to them.   in detail about this history read in the following numbers « ».