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In a heart of the city - behind products

Despite abundant of supermarkets, here always populously and briskly. One follow products, others behind things, and everyone finds something the. Fresh vegetables and fruit, dairy production, pair meat, fish, household chemical goods, footwear, things … the Markets that also are attractive to consumers that here all year long reasonable prices and high quality of production.

the Universal market « the Junior » has appeared in Nurlatsky area in July, 1993. Old residents - businessmen remember, how all began. With support of the head of area built, as they say, the whole world, laid communications – gas, heating, the water drain. Then in the market was only 50 businessmen, from time to time there came farmers from nearby rural settlements.


Today in the market which area more than nine thousand square metres, work 300 businessmen. There are 350 trading places. In total in the market of 27 pavilions. Cleanliness and an order are supported by 19 employees of the market.

Quality – above all!

the Food market meets the modern requirements. The premise light, spacious, here is all necessary for civilised trade. Production quality assurance is provided with checks of own laboratory operating in territory of the market, the medical sanitary book of sellers, inquiries on an inoculation of animals and a status of their health. Market administration « the Junior » holds under strict control quality of all food production arriving in realisation. Therefore poisoning cases are simply excluded.


- In the market there is a veterinary service which carries out daily control and quality of foodstuff according to legislative norms, - the managing director of Open Company « tells; the Junior » Alfija Musaev. – on a broader scale, at us rigid requirements: all who trades in agricultural products, should have the fytosanitory conclusion, businessmen are informed on necessity of control over radiating security of eating production after failure on the atomic power station of Japan; and to realise the goods, it is necessary to receive the corresponding inquiry from   FGUZ « The centre of hygiene and epidemiologii RT ». The special attention is merited by a premise for meat cabin. Here there is a boiler for water heating; the hulks delivered by farmers on the market, do not lie, anyhow, and are suspended on special krjuchjah that responds modern technology requirements.

To everything, as to cleanliness, in the market concern very strictly. As has explained Alfija Lesovna, for maintenance of a sanitary status contracts on monthly carrying out of deratization and dezinsektsii, regular export and recycling of a firm household waste are concluded. Check of Sanepidnadzora is periodically spent. Workers of the market daily spend sanitary processing of premises, tenants begin the day with damp cleaning of a workplace and in all market administrations help.

Convenient trade

Meanwhile, in the regional market not only it is pure, but also it is very comfortable. The refrigerating chambers, convenient warehouse for goods storage are given to businessmen. There is a parking on 50 cars.

Shopping centre – a place populous. Safety requirements are here too high.

- Our market round the clock is under supervision by the private security organisation and dispatchers of the market, there is a safety communication with point of branch of internal affairs, video observation - explains Alfija Musaev. - it is regular on a broadcasting centre the information on changes in statutory acts, statements new is passed, under demands of businessmen musical, poetic and other congratulations, advertising are passed. These our local mass media, after all in the market so much all occur, - have time to learn and inform only.


In end « excursions » Alfija Lesovna has shared plans for the future: to equip all territory of the market with a canopy, to asphalt access roads to the market.

- With support of the head of area, we aspire to create the best conditions for development of small and average business, is will give the chance to create new workplaces and by that to improve welfare of area, - she has told. – Well and, of course, we do not forget about visitors of the market, after all our work first of all for them, we aspire, that people remained are happy both the prices, and quality of production. Then they will necessarily come to us again.


the Universal market of Open Company « the Junior » the address: Nurlat, street Salimzhanova, 25, phone: (84345 2 - 30 - 64