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Andrey Lushpaev: to Issue the international passport of new generation it will be directly soon possible on work!

« while international passports of the old sample and new biometric are absolutely equivalent »

  - Andrey Nikolaevich, since July, 1st in Russia will start to give out passports of the new sample. What they themselves will represent? A leah It is necessary to change the old?

- Certainly, no!   At me at most on hands the passport which I have received in 45 years. And as veins on it so further also I will be. Unique difference of the new document - machine-readable record. This such white field. In it you are specified a surname, a name, a patronymic and date of birth, and also a series, number and the given divisions which has given out the document. All it becomes from security reasons. So there are less than possibilities for a fake. And, of course, so it will be much more convenient. After all as now becomes - we buy the train ticket, from us take the passport and from it reprint all data. And now will enough spend on a stroke - to a code, and the information will appear on the monitor.

  - Hello, my name is Michael Almosov. I in August am going to go to Czechia, and international passport period of validity has expired in May. A leah I will have time to issue the new? I had an international passport of the old sample, now all aspire to do the biometric. Than they so are good?

- In a residence the passport is made out 30 calendar days, actual residing -   4 months, so if will not tighten with giving of documents will be in time. As to advantages judge: the international passport of the old sample operates 5 years, - it is twice more than new generation. Besides, it much more zashchishchennee. Electronic technologies practically exclude possibility that someone will use your document another.

- That is is not present such, what in any country under the old passport can not start up?

- Now these documents are absolutely equal in rights. But there is such information that during any moment some countries entering into the Schengen zone, can unilaterally start to accept foreign citizens only under biometric passports. But while it is all at level of conversations.

« Left-bank department UFMS it becomes fast much more comfortably »

  - you are disturbed by Elena Potapov. A question at me such: now in Voronezh to make the international passport of new generation it is possible only in department UFMS on street on January, 9th. It is very inconvenient. It is a lot of interested persons, turn huge. A leah additional points will open? Why in MFTS international passports of the old sample are made out only?

- Has put here in what: biometric passports on very expensive equipment become. Besides, it can be established only in migratory service. Yes, we try to open additional branches. One already is in Liskah, two more soon will appear in Anna and Boguchare. Besides, till the end of the year we want to organise two mobile complexes - such « UFMS on wheels ». They will go on the large enterprises of a city. So, many voronezhtsy can issue the international passport, without departing from the workplace. As to the multipurpose centre, we   have offered: buy the equipment on own means. But they while, probably, are not ready to it.

- And on the Internet documents can be submitted?

- Yes, such service at us has appeared more year back. Also it is very popular. It is necessary to come on a portal of the state services - www. gosuslugi. ru to send the questionnaire, passport data, the receipt on state duty payment, and then you will call in UFMS to be photographed. Another matter that people who submit documents through a global network, so much that from them the turn was generated already...

  - you are called by Svetlana Sherishevsky. I live in the street Leningrad, and me very much disturbs here that: Left-bank department UFMS is in an awful premise - very small room, a stuffy corridor. People in expectation of the turn are urged to stand in the street. I remember, when replacement of the Soviet passports on Russian was spent, there was a huge flow of the visitors, many there even drop in faints. And after all area at us very densely populated. In the same Leninsk where people lives less, department « migratsionki » where is more spacious. A leah is planned to transfer it to any other place?

- We are glad, but, unfortunately, not all here depends on us. The matter is that in area simply there are no suitable free premises. But we try though as - that to improve conditions. Now there is a repair of offices, corridors, ladders. We establish conditioners. So it becomes fast to visitors much more comfortably.

to Change old Russian passports on new it is not necessary.
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  « If the citizen of Russia constantly lives in other country, to receive our internal passport to it not necessarily »

  - My name is Natalia. Andrey Nikolaevich, you will not prompt, a leah is any « indulgences » for citizens of Ukraine at registration of check in like what citizens of Belarus possess?

- In my opinion, at them and so more than concessionary terms. Not regestrirovatsja about 90 days are possible. For comparison, for the people coming from other states, it is a question of a week.  

  - Good afternoon, you Roman Borisovich disturbs.   I Want to invite relatives from Georgia. Prompt, please, as I should issue the visa and a call?

- They can arrive to you under the private visa. It give out, if on hands there is an invitation to arrive to Russia. You should be converted in a place   Residence in territorial division UFMS and to give the petition for call delivery, a copy of the passport of your visitor, the receipt on state tax payment (it makes 500 roubles), the letter of guarantee that you take up obligations on material, medical and housing maintenance of the foreign citizen for that time which it will be in our country, and also data on incomes. Within a week after entrance of your visitors to Russia they will need to be converted into our management for statement on the migratory account. Now the situation develops so that the Russian embassy to citizens of Georgia does visas very much ogranichenno. The preference is given to near relations and those who needs to arrive to our country to seriously ill   or on funeral.

  - Hello, my name is Karina Akopjan. I want to employ for the child the nurse from Armenia. What documents to me need to be issued and what it should make? Leah it is necessary for me in advance where - that to inform, what I plan to invite to work of the foreign citizen?

- to you of any documents it is not necessary to make out, anybody to notify too it is not required. And here the nurse should take out the special patent. For this purpose it is necessary to be converted in UFMS, to rise on the migratory account and to fill the statement. When the patent will be on hands, for its prolongation it is required to bring in the receipt on payment of the tax to incomes of physical persons in the form of advance payment - it will make one thousand roubles for a month.

  - you are called by Tatyana Antonovna. At me such problem: the grand daughter already five lives to Germany, but citizenship at it Russian. To it 20 years were executed, it is necessary to change the passport. It has specially arrived to Voronezh, and to it have told that cannot quickly make the new passport as it is necessary to check up through the Interpol, a leah was engaged it in something bad for time which does not live in Russia. With what such strangenesses are connected? She worries that before departure to it to make documents will not be in time...

- Under the law, if you are converted into branch UFMS in a residence to issue the passport to you should for ten days. If do it in any other place, it is necessary to wait about two months. As I understand, your grand daughter lives in Germany under the international passport. And all-Russian to it basically it is not necessary.   but if she wants, that it was, can submit documents, and to the following arrival to our country   it to take away.

- That is distantsionno to issue the passport it is impossible?

- Is not present, as its owner should undersign both at giving of documents, and at reception.

  - you are disturbed by Anton Kazachenko. It is More than year back to me 20 years were executed, but time to change the passport was not. A leah It is necessary to pay now the penalty?

- Probably I will afflict you, but yes.   That you in due time have not taken care of document registration, is regarded as infringement.   the penalty will make from 1500 roubles to 2500.

  - Hello, to you Vladimir Krapivin calls. I the director. Would like to learn: if I in the end of the last year did not make an application, what in 2011 - m I plan to employ foreign workers, a leah I can make now it? Thought, I will do without them, but circumstances have developed on - to other.

- Under the law employers can involve foreign workers, only if there is a permission. Demands become till January, 1st, that is now you can submit it only for 2012.    

  - My name is Galina. Recently at us have entered a visa-free regime with Turkey. It is valid so?

- Yes, it operates from the middle of April. Now in territory of this state Russians can be about 30 days. Also to our country there can freely drive Turkish citizens. If you need to stay there more than thirty days you will need to get the visa in foreign representations of this state.


In UFMS Russia across the Voronezh region works « a hot line » on registration of international passports of new generation - (473 276 - 66 - 98.   Calls are accepted within working week.

Concerning reception of the passport of the citizen of Russia - (473 255 - 83 - 05.

Concerning citizenship -   (473 255 - 93 - 94.

Under the program of compatriots, refugees and the urged immigrants - (473 271 - 43 - 65.