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Conveyors oil

the Chief executive « Nurlatavtotrans » Agdas Gimatdinov considers that today`s conditions of the market allow to earn to the one who can and wants to work. And crisis should not hinder.


« Nurlatavtotrans » carries out transportation of passengers, cargoes, oil, and also renders services of cranes, units in service nefteprooborudovanija. The basic customers: Open Society « Tatneft » Open Company « TatneftBurenie » Open Society « Melljaneft » Open Company « Tatneft - Samara » the organisations and the enterprises of Nurlatsky area.

There where there is an oil

the Autoenterprise « Nurlatavtotrans » created in 2005, has already entered the name in history of Nurlatsky area. The general customer of it transportno - the forwarding enterprise - oil and gas extraction management « Nurlatneft » the youngest in Open Society system « Tatneft ».

we Will notice that today NGDU « Nurlatneft » is the difficult industrial complex equipped with the modern equipment. The management structure includes four shops on oil recovery and gas, shop on maintenance plastovogo pressure, shop of complex preparation and downloading of oil and shop of operating repair of chinks. « Nurlatavtotrans » renders transport maintenance of the enterprise, transporting some oil and oil industry workers.

- We are very grateful to the deputy of the State Council of Tatarstan, the chief of oil and gas extraction management « Nurlatneft » Ilgizu Salihovu that in due time he has given a hand to us to the help, - tells Agdas Hafizovich. - Now we are links of one chain, we do common cause. The enterprise has proved the solvency and viability. Crisis has not unsettled us though losses, of course, were notable. We have managed to orient and be mobilised. At once have expanded geography of the activity, have started to co-operate with Samara and Perm edges as there there are enterprises - Open Society partners « Tatneft ».

the Transport help to area

In spite of the fact that « Nurlavtotrans » closely co-operates with « Tatneft » the enterprise takes active part and in area life. They always there where cars, trucks, buses are necessary. There are no they aside and from agriculture and cultural actions of area. For transportation of schoolboys also use « Nurlatavtotransa ». Everyone knows that here to it will not refuse.

- Any difficulties is only the working moments, and to concern them it is necessary tolerantly, - tells Agdas Gimatdinov. - Therefore we live by a principle « do that you can, that at you is, and there where you are.

the enterprise Collective - and is 380 persons the most part from which drivers, - too confidently looks ahead and consistently solves the problems connected with the planned purpose to occupy a worthy ambry in the market of automobile transportations. Today`s « an arsenal » « Nurlavtotransa » - 273 units of technics: cars, buses, the unloading and petroshipping technics, lorries. Annually for updating of park the enterprise gets an order 18 - 20 vehicles.

On the first place - people

the Enterprise can be successful if the management appreciates and respects the subordinates. After all, by and large, it is possible to express all economic operations by the formula « people - a product - profit » in which people on the first place. Agdas Gimatdinov considers that if there is no reliable and professional command, it is impossible to become successful in business.

Agdas Gimatdinov: If there is no professional command, in business of success not to achieve

- I very much appreciate the collective, probably, for this reason our enterprise had not to have personnel problems, - he speaks. - I will tell without exaggeration: at us turn from competitors. In areas after all with work now uneasy and if also is what - it basically seasonal. At us all year long passes in works. Conditions good - work on health! There would be a desire and diligence, and professionalism will come with experience.

people receive the Salary stable and is timely, and everyone receives on labour merits. The driver of the automobile car on the average about 12 thousand roubles, and the drivers who are engaged in transportation of oil, already 30 - 40. If to look dynamics as a whole, it is possible to see that every year conditions for work only become better. And time is motivating - there will be also a return! Accordingly profitability of manufacture will raise also. In present conditions it is very important.