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Communists have called Stalin on fight against corruption

The recipe on fight against corruption in the Samara region communists have offered. They have hanged out on cities of province posters with the image of the leader of all times and the people. Stalin with a tube in teeth signs any documents. Under it the signature: « Corruption? Did not hear! » and nearby a huge font from « Truths »:   the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: the checked up recipes of fight against corruption .

the Hint has turned out though and veiled, but quite transparent. Stalin`s recipes on struggle against something or somebody well-known. And though   on posters there is no also a hint shade for 37 year, archipelago Gulag and other « costs » it is possible for itself to present, they will call what nervous trembling the people who have endured horrors of Stalin camps.

– Notice, Stalin simply signs documents, – Alexey Leskin, 1 secretary obkoma explains the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. – In its pose there is no threat. But its personal authority is unusually high, and moral atmosphere in the country the healthy. Corruption aspires to zero. The socialism principle worked: well in the country - to well citizen. Attempt to live by the turned principle,   « it will be good at me – will be   well in the country » to put it mildly, it is not has gone right. Let the people look, think and decide that it is better, corruption or a socialism.

The majority samartsev ravnoshuno have concerned a scandalous banner....
a photo: Denis of MARKSMEN

- to Whom from a city town committee the idea to choose Stalin for this advertising has come, I do not know. But it soared in air, - the member of bureau of the Tolyatti city town committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Platon Nikonov supplements. – Stalin – a bright figure in national history. And we have chosen it because it a symbol of negation of that way on which Russia after 1991 has gone.  

Alexander Zavalnyj, the main bibliographer of the Samara regional scientific library, has concerned to new agit - production of communists philosophically:

– it is accepted to be converted Into Russia to images of the past when the present power is not enough   it is effective, – he has told. – it is faster a disappointment sign, than nostalgia. I think, posters will excite a society. Even it is interesting, what at people will be reaction.    

And samartsy go by, without paying attention to Stalin. At everyone the cares, not to propaganda materials.


  « With corruption it is necessary to struggle other methods! »

the Banner of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with Stalin has appeared in Tolyatti earlier, than in Samara. Every other day near it there were flowers. Bouquets have adhered to design support. However, the majority toljattintsev have scarified the poster.  

- Nonsense all it. Never at us will be the second Stalin. And with corruption it is necessary other methods to struggle.

Alexander, 30 - years, the director of firm

... But some townspeople nevertheless have ambiguously concerned the propaganda material
the Photo: Denis of MARKSMEN

- Oh, this sending to Soviet Union not so is pleasant to me. Too then all was ideologizirovano: it do not tell, here exult. It is pleasant to me, when all directly, simply, fairly.

Evgenie,   37 - years, a tiler

- this advertising has called the extremely negative emotions me. I do not consider that it is necessary to beat and cut all successively. And detain the doctors not most protected, for example, or the teachers who have taken for service of 400 roubles. The presents korruptsionerov, those who takes mullions-strong recoils for transactions, municipal, state orders, nobody catches.

Olga, 48 - years, the municipal worker

Negatively I concern such poster! Think, at Stalin corruption was not? I doubt! And then, Stalin – it is history of Russia. And and here fight against corruption? On - to mine the Communist Party of the Russian Federation not there has incurred.

Alexander Grigorevna, 62 years, the employee.