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Three owners of illegal casinos are liberated

It is a question of businessmen, which kryshevali public prosecutors situated near Moscow and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Ivan Nazarov, Marat Mamyev and Alla Gusev were initially accused under article « swindle in especially large size ».

However on Friday business in the relation of these three figurants retrained on softer article which is not providing arrest, - « illegal business ».

the Consequence, we will remind, considers that Ivan Nazarov with the adherents has created a network of underground game halls in 15 cities of Moscow suburbs. Under the version of law enforcement bodies, regional public prosecutors of areas situated near Moscow shut eyes to illegal casinos, monthly receiving for it to 30 thousand dollars, driving about on foreign resorts and going into banquets, worthy korporativov the oil companies.

Ivan Nazarov to open in a pre-trial detention centre did not become and has handed over the podelnikov in epaulets, « actively co-operating with the investigation ». It is obvious, as the present businessman, he has managed to bargain not bad therefore as it is possible to name the decision on a business training for a new profession without any stretches « the transaction with justice ». This quite normal and widespread phenomenon in the West when accused, to get off with small losses, hands over larger « fish ». And business about a gaming grows almost each week new loud names and high ranks.