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From Adler in Sukhumi the Abkhazian railwaymen will start up an electric train

named the next date of start of electric trains between Adler and Sukhumi. As the information group « passes; turprom » long-awaited structures will start to ply in first half of June.

to restore suburban railway communication through Russian - the Abkhazian border gather for a long time already. But for this purpose it is necessary to lay anew 105 kilometres of a way, to adjust an electrical supply, work of devices of railway automatics. Some years train start is transferred. Perhaps, this year it all - taki will start to go.

now to get to Abkhazia from Russia it is possible   through automobile frontier transition « Psou ». The narrow bridge through the river is hammered by tourists in the summer. According to travel agencies, on crossing of border by one group leaves four - five hours.

not to torture the clients, travel agencies have thought up an original way: To deliver group at once by two buses. One from station or the airport reaches to border, people cross it on foot and already in territory of Abkhazia sit down in other bus. On it it is possible to save a pair of clocks.

last summer of Sochi and Gagry tried to connect on the sea, on a line went high-speed the rocket . But at tourists it did not use special popularity, and navigation has stopped ahead of schedule.

On a branch line the train Moscow - Sukhumi on diesel draught goes. A part of tourists get to Abkhazia on it. From Adler to Gagr the electric train goes. The season yet has not begun, it makes only one flight a day - departure from station in Adler in 7. 00. Further them, probably, will be more, but meanwhile all wait the information from the Abkhazian railwaymen.

the Piece between Gagarami and Sukhumi is not ready to pass suburban trains yet. To begin movement of electric trains, for the remained month it is necessary to make all - anything: To reconstruct some bridges and to strengthen overpasses.

When all these works will be made, possibly, from Adler in Sukhumi three pairs trains will start to ply. From Adler structures will go in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Time in a way - about three   hours, ticket guiding price - 200 roubles. Passage of boundary control is planned along the line.