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In Rostov Ukrainian building cultural is planned - the economic centre

Possibility of building of such centre was discussed during a meeting of the Plenipotentiary ambassador of Ukraine Vladimir Elchenko with the first deputy of the head of administration of a city Vladimir Kirgintsevym.

Opening a meeting which was passing in the Rostov mayoralty, Vladimir Kirgintsev has noticed that for capital of the Don edge which throughout many kilometres borders on Ukraine, expansion mutually advantageous business and a cultural contact is one of priority directions. Today at Rostov-on-Don the close friendly connexion was established by Donetsk, Lugansk and Odessa. Within the limits of joint contracts regular exchanges of delegations of representatives of business, creative and scientific circles, and also students and schoolboys are carried out.

So, for example, already there was tradition an annual participation of the enterprises of Rostov-on-Don in the international exhibition - fair « East gate of Ukraine » in Lugansk. In September of last year the contract on cooperation between the Rostov state medical university and the Odessa national medical university has been signed. As a result by joint efforts from May, 12 till May, 13th has been spent Russian - the Ukrainian symposium « Modern achievements in a fundamental clinical science ». Strong communications with the Ukrainian colleagues support also high schools of Rostov-on-Don. Now the Southern federal university concludes 40 contracts on cooperation and an interuniversity exchange with the Ukrainian partners.

has considerably grown, according to the first deputy of the mayor, and the foreign trade turnover of the Rostov region with Ukraine which following the results of the first quarter has made 582,5 million dollars. It is remarkable that in comparison with last year this indicator has increased almost by 60 %.

In turn, Vladimir Elchenko has noticed that for Ukraine there is no in Russia more native region, than the Rostov region. First of all, it is, of course, connected by that from more than two thousand kilometres Russian - the Ukrainian border of 660 kilometres prohoditsja on territory of the Don edge which in comparison with other Russian regions has the most extended site of border with Ukraine. Besides many inhabitants of frontier areas are united by friendly and related communications.

Vladimir Elchenko who since July, 2010 works as the ambassador of Ukraine in Russia, Rostov visits for the first time. However in the future he has promised more often to happen in our city. Opening in southern capital of the Ukrainian centre under which roof are going to place the cultural and business centres, cultural - a historical museum, and also secretary of the euroregion created in last year « can become one of occasions for this purpose; Donbass ».

Vladimir Kirgintsev has asked to give prospective characteristics of the future centre so that it was possible to start to work somewhat quicker on allocation of the ground area which would correspond to all necessary parametres.

in end of a meeting the first deputy of the mayor has invited the Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to visit Rostov on the City Day which will be marked on September, 18th. Thus and. In Rostov-on-Don Igor Kochetov has promised an island of the Consul general of Ukraine that their diaspora prepares rostovchanam a celebratory gift: with the skill we will be pleased with the Ukrainian actors.