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Help with search of the father - Leonid Skorjatina

Find person expensive to you through «/> every Thursday we publish your letters and a photo of relatives for you people.

you have lost touch with relatives, friends, classmates? And even a site « Schoolmates » to you has not helped? Then be converted to us, into a heading « I Search for you »! We will help you to find for expensive people living in the Rostov region. Everything that is required, it to cut out and fill the coupon. Necessarily specify the initials, year and the birthplace searched, and also describe circumstances at which you have lost touch with each other. And certainly, if there is a possibility, put photos. All it send us to the address: 344000, Rostov-on-Don, and/ I 575, with a mark « I Search for you » or on electronic mail: olika@kprostov. ru

Yury Leonidovich Skorjatin from village Primorka of Neklinovsky area of the Rostov region searches for the father Leonid Tihonovicha Skorjatina , 1943 year of birth:
« the Father was missing on November, 21st, 2010 in Rostov-on-Don. Left the house and has not returned. Documents at itself at it was not. A misfortune that the father suffers affliction memory loss. I ask, if someone owns at least any information on its site, inform! I am very much stirred for the father. It is awful - to live and not to know that with person expensive to you. »


« I Search for the father or native on its line »

Nadezhda Vasilevna Komarova from village Latonovo Matveevo - Kurgan area of the Rostov region searches for the father Evgenie (patronymics and surnames does not know), presumably 1926 year of birth. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region:
« My mum Milanja Andreevna Ponomareva called, 1927 year of birth. I very much would like to find for my father or native on its line. The father I never saw. I think that he too knows nothing about my existence. Mum never told to me about the father, but, it appears, its some relatives were well familiar with it. In the beginning 50 - h the father and mum lived in Taganrog in apartment of the father. In 1951 at them the son who wanted to name Sashej was born, however the boy has died at sorts. Mum had brother, Nikolay Andreevich Ponomarev with whom the father was on friendly terms. I saw a photo on which the father, Kohl`s uncle and more any man stand together. But, unfortunately, this photo was not saved. At the uncle If there were three children: Vasily, Valentina and Paul. Vasily and Valentine being children often happened on a visit at mine mum and the father. But it was till my birth. I was born in 1955 when parents have already left. A patronymic mum has given me Vasilevna, instead of Evgenevna. Probably, she very much took offence at the father, therefore he so about me and has not learnt anything. I wanted it to find for all life. Please, help with searches! »

« I Search for the sister - Maria Ivashnikovu »

Michael Fedorovich Ivashnikov from the Mine city searches for the cousin Maria Vasilevnu Ivashnikovu , 1981 year of birth. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region:
« Last time we saw Masha in 2002. At that point in time she lived in farm Karsunka of Belokalitvinsky area. Then the grandmother has told to me that Masha has left to Rostov. Where it is concrete, babulja does not know. Communication with the sister has interrupted, but I will be glad, if she sees this letter and will respond. My address in edition . »

« I Want to find the friend - Victor Bespalov »

Alla Pavlovna Agaponova from a city of Bataysk of the Rostov region searches for the friend Victor Ivanovicha Bespalov , 1943 year of birth. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region:
« Vitja ministered in army in the city of Ruza of Moscow Region. After army has moved with the wife to Murmansk. But something at them was not took, and Victor has returned to the Rostov region. I know that then he lived in a civil marriage with any woman. I search for Vitju since 2007, but results of my searches while any. Please, help me! »

« Valery Turchenko, respond! »

Nadezhda Grigorevna Simina from Novocherkassk searches for Valery Vasilevicha Turchenko , 1955 year of birth. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region:
« I Beg, help to find for the person favourite by me! I have lost Valery 25 years ago by the nonsense. Valera then studied in Novocherkassk polytechnical institute and worked on NEVZe in a sales department. We have left it in November, 1986. I would not like to tell, for what reasons all it has occurred. I can tell only that I then was pregnant the son Ilya, to which now 24 years. Valera, please, respond! I have not forgotten you, I love you till now! I need for you to tell so much! »

« We search for classmates - the former students fizfaka RGPI - 1976 »

Zynaida Petrovna Mastropas (Sukhanov) and Grigory Dmitrievich Danilchenko search for graduates fizfaka RGPI - 1976. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region:
« In June of this year 35 years from the date of the termination of ours 42 - j group of physical faculty of the Rostov state pedagogical faculty are executed. Very much it would be desirable, that in day of a meeting, on June, 11th, at 14 o`clock at the main building RGPI on B.Sadovoj`s street (before street of Engels) us have joined:
1. Belichenko Evgenie Alekseevich
2. Vnukova Alla Ivanovna
3. Gubin (Zelensky) Natalia Arkadevna
4. Didenko Nadezhda Ivanovna
5. Zinchenko Anatoly Ivanovich.
we did not see them many years. Possibly, classmates have married for a long time and have changed surnames. And still we hope that « will help us to find for them!


Dear readers!
if you know something about these people, call by us to phone (863 291 - 06 - 00.