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Scientists named electronic cigarettes hazardous to health!


smokers had not time wishing to stop to pitch to be glad « safe » to replacement of cigarettes as harm of electronic cigarettes all over the world is already roughly discussed! While experts argue, more or the person is less than muck inhales, « getting a light » priborchik, some countries already enter an interdiction for use of electronic cigarettes. For example, employees of National administration of medicines, foodstuff and medical technologies of Argentina have decided not to wait consequences and have entered an interdiction for electronic cigarettes in the country, informs ITAR - TASS.

Now in Argentina under a ban manufacture, import, sale and use of the given goods. Experts ascertain: recently electronic cigarettes have received especially a wide circulation. However, as the representative of administration Roberto Ledo underlines, scientific acknowledgement of that the electronic cigarette really helps to give up smoking, no. Also there are no also authentic researches about security of devices for health of the person and, the main thing, information on the remote consequences of influence on an organism.

By the way, Argentina far not the first country, decided to protect the population from electronic cigarettes. This list also includes Uruguay, Colombia, Panama and Australia. Representatives of Ministries of Health of these states consider that people, « changed » from usual cigarettes on electronic, inhale not smaller quantity of the cancerogenic and toxic substances harming to health. Also physicians of these countries voice doubts supposedly electronic substitutes of cigarettes at all do not accelerate refusal of smoking on a broader scale, and do not struggle from an important component - psychological dependence. And many people, « having played enough » With priborchikom, start over again to smoke tobacco.