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German technologies for the Siberian brewers

the Birth « RJUSLI »

- All has begun in 2002 when Alexander Marchenko, the director rodinskogo Brewery, has come to a conclusion that it is necessary to cut down expenses on malt acquisition, - Sergey Petrovich tells. - Logician Alexander Ivanovicha it was simple: in territory of Rodinsky area there are earths, suitable for barley cultivation so, it is possible to build own solodovni.

No sooner said than done: the group of experts led by the director has left to Germany where in one of banks has bought the put equipment solodovennogo manufactures. Means for acquisition solodovni took on credit from bank. In parallel the enterprise conducted active work and on escalating of the areas.

- That such « RJUSLI » today? It not only industrial, but also the agricultural company. The quantity of grounds changed year by year, after all own earth at the organisation was not, as there is no it and now, - Sergey Tchernikov marks. - all earths, and it without small 3000 hectares, are rented both at shareholders, and through auctions from municipal funds of redistribution of the earths.

in two years of work, in 2006, the manufacture solvency has been to the full proved, loans are extinguished - solodovnja has started to bring in incomes.

« We have achieved quality! »

the Best breweries of the country became repeat clients of factory, and is quite natural that manufacture has demanded expansion. Today come to an end pusko - naladochnye works new solodovennogo shops with capacity twice more than the first - 400 tons a month. Object delivery is not made yet, but, according to enterprise management, it is a question only several months.

« Solodovnja 1 » Lets out 1700 - 1750 tons of malt year, and the second shop for 2010, working in a commissioning mode, - 2000 tons. And it is far not a limit - designed capacity of manufacture from two lines assumes release to 7000 tons of production a year!

Energetik Victor Schuman: « For « weather » on barley beds automatics » watches;
the Photo: Darya GROMOVA

so impressive indicators provides the modern equipment created on German technologies. All process is automated, in shops of people practically will not meet. Manufacture in everyone solodovne during one change is provided only with two - three persons: the operator of a line, the electrician, the mechanic.

- We deliver malt in Novosibirsk and Kemerovo areas, Tomsk, Republic Altai and Altay territory, and also to the Far East. Clients get everything that we can make, - with pride our interlocutor marks. - in warehouses there is no party of malt ready on sale. Even in the winter when demand traditionally falls. About what it speaks? That we have achieved exclusive quality! We care of brewers, therefore we give them such product that there was as much as possible high quality on all parametres. At each stage observance of technological process is watched by our laboratory.

a Problem standing now before « RJUSLI » - to provide manufacture trouble-free work. According to management plans the agricultural division of the enterprise should provide solodovni with barley for a year. Last season has shown that the crop even in 13 centners from hectare is a little. From two lines only one works on own raw materials, the second though operates in a starting-up and adjustment mode, works on the barley got from the outside.

at the enterprise

the Main successes of the enterprise the management connects the Main thing first of all with professionalism and the debugged work of collective. Today in Open Company « RJUSLI » 77 persons, from which on a constant basis - 46 work.

- People - the main our mammon! - the chief executive is assured. - judge … To Germany behind the equipment experts of factory went two times. And on both business trips skeleton of group was same: they did not need to explain, whence what mechanisms and wires that where fastens …

Operators Alexander Hamov, Nikolay Abdulat and serviceman Alexander Kondrik (from left to right)
the Photo: Darya GROMOVA

Thanks to efforts of highly skilled experts - Victor Schuman`s power and masters - serviceman Alexander Kondrika - process of delivery of the equipment in Rodinsky area has passed lost-free.

the Important link on manufacture is the operator who from beginning to end conducts manufacture process. The kernel is a live organism. If not to give it in time oxygen - it « falls asleep ». And when will wake up? And time - that goes! Here have given it temperature +17,6 - it bodrenky, grows, gives backs. The temperature has fallen more low, and in it there is no fermentation, starch in sugar - what we achieve is not split. Catch all these moments the highly professional operator can only.

work and electricians Is invaluable on manufacture of malt. In fields the strong, stable command of machine operators works also.

- the enterprise Collective was not born itself … We have created it! Many came and left, - understood that do not hold out to that level of which is demanded by this work, - Sergey Tchernikov speaks. - we much demand, but also we give much - the average salary at the enterprise more than 10 000 roubles. At performance of the plan the salary for the operator can reach 17 000 roubles. Debts against workers at us are not present. The salary should be in time then will be and at employees desire to work …

By the way

When the question concerns social sphere, Open Company management « RJUSLI » with readiness meets half-way schools and kindergartens, sportsmen and musicians. In villages the Green Oak grove, Kajvushka where there are agricultural bases of the enterprise, appears the help to municipal budgets. Veterans and shareholders are actively supported: kitchen gardens are ploughed, the livestock is provided with forages.

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