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Photo as hokku, or all life in three pictures

Not so long ago writer Boris Akunin declared competition on the best photos in which all human life should be shown. Photos should be only three - the childhood, youth, a maturity. However competition has got unexpected turn...

Photocompetition: unexpected result

we will sum up monthly competition of photopoems. About unexpected result I will explain a bit later, at first some words about my impressions of this invention.

that it has gone right, me became clearly in the very first days. The life compressed till the size of several photos, looks laconically and mysteriously, and sending to the biography of the person gives the chance to decipher this code. Transition from age in age, from early spring to late autumn - gripping show.

Thanks all who has glanced in the family album, has considered possible to show and tell story someone from   Relatives. All short stories, without an exception, have turned out substantial and strong. I know this quality of old photos. They as fishing hooks – will hook yes will not release.

Has put, however, not only that all these « hokku » and « the tank » are interesting in itself. When I began to look through them successively, one for another, there was suddenly a certain additional effect. Gathered, these visually - text miniatures have found new quality - have turned to the illustrated biography   epoch. neideologizirovannuju, nothing trying to prove or show so as it seems to me, especially convincing.

even it became a pity To me that your works are drowned in bowels of comments to fast and very few people will see them.

the Same thought (I already pass it to unexpected result) has come to mind to Irina Bogat, rukovoditelnitse publishing houses « Zaharov ». She has suggested to publish these phototexts the separate book.

I in any way did not wait for Similar turn of events. You, I think, too. One month ago, declaring competition parametres, I promised to the winner a prize. However winners had appeared practically all. And the prize was outlined the general, besides negadannyj.

as the similar edition can look, I did not reflect yet. At first it is necessary to find out, how will concern this idea potential (with) authors.

Respond the publisher: you want such book or not?

Here the publishing house would wish to publish the list of what works:

lerchen_minsk, ztatyan lexizli, unikolay, yaroslavtur, lokili, volha_l, zarazkina, gloriamundi_21, marinagra, nyasyachipil_ko, rastrepav, a_borisoff, kotaco, tamba, poruchik_sk, iris_flower0802, imageobserver, mercylo, rbs_sol, tagiki, morriganvitad, vladolg, abondareva, vikoushka

In doubt:

ptitza – Too short text

ikatia – the same, and quality of photos insufficient for the book

575108 – good pictures, but on a broader scale are not present the text

radistradist – how to be with authorship of the text?

tsarev_alexey and artbuket – who from you the author? Or both of you? Ask each of prospective participants to respond and inform, you agree or not.

And more:

the Publisher says that the book turns out too thin.

Therefore I prolong competition for two weeks.

Those who wanted to take in it part, but has not gathered – you still have chance. Place the photocompositions in comments to this fast and give a link on the blog with the story.

Optimum volume of a short story 1 - 2 pages. My advice: do not try to write literary, « to do beautifully ». Simply tell about destiny of the person – And, maybe, about your relation to the person. It should be somebody with whom you are connected by related or personal bonds.

Consider, please, that the publishing house reserves the right to itself selection.   so I ask without offences.  
  we will look that from all it it will turn out. Even if it will turn out nothing, all the same, on - to mine, to all of us it should be pleasant. My congratulations!

Details of the future book (legal, financial also I I I do not know what else) we will discuss later when contours of the project and a circle of authors will definitively be defined. While it no more than idea.