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The former recreation centre becomes a palace

some years around a stop « energomash » in Lenin`s streets and Leningrad the big building does not stop. Earlier on this place the factory Recreation centre « functioned; energomash » where the former workers of the enterprise and creative collectives of a city liked to gather for small concerts. On the ground floor here some years the museum of history of the regional centre with the remarkable exhibits passed workers of a museum from various funds and townspeople welcomed visitors. However in 2008 the building has put on in building woods, there have driven technics, have established the very tall elevating crane – and akkurat in a year 150 - letija Khabarovsk loudly declared the beginning of building of a new architectural construction which should become Palace of culture of Khabarovsk in the long term.

- Far East architects have developed the perfect project, and the administration has allocated means for object building – more than 1 billion roubles, - the deputy director of department of architecture, building and land tenure of Khabarovsk Arcady Korzun speaks. – the City Palace of culture is under construction not from zero, it is reconstruction. We have tried to save on a maximum a historical part of a building of a recreation centre « energomash » having done there some necessary restoration works. In this building on - former the city history museum though its area will be increased twice at the expense of building of one more floor given under museum expositions will settle down. Also in new Palace of culture after reconstruction there will be a big concert hall on 620 places with the screen, system of simultaneous interpretation and the other modern multimedia, sound and light equipment. The area of this concert hall can increase thanks to special armchairs - to transformers – in need of them it will be possible to clean and release a hall for carrying out of other actions. Here 2 conferences equipped on last technologies - a hall, various premises for youth, the big showroom for the organisation and carrying out of every possible expositions Besides, will take place.

- Earlier to organise any cultural action, whether it be a concert, conference or competition, we   should try to discover a special premise, rent it, - has commented the deputy chief of department of culture of Khabarovsk on Lela Krush. - We needed for a long time a similar premise. So the new Palace of culture becomes for us a perfect gift. It will correspond to all requirements. Especially pleases a concert hall. We have already bought the first class grand piano which we will put on a scene. And the sound and light equipment in a concert hall – top-level, one of the best to the country. It is excellent base for carrying out of various concerts, even on a commercial basis. Also in Palace of culture there will be a city youth centre and showroom where without problems it will be possible to organise any art exhibition.

Now works on Palace of culture are conducted in an emergency mode. The building a total area of 7 thousand square metres is planned to hand over roughly in the end of summer – in the autumn of this year. Now painting and decorating &ndash is conducted; in work on this object at furnish unique materials were used. Already now at a sight at an appearing building of new Palace of culture it is necessary to recognise that such original furnish on the big buildings of Khabarovsk it was not used yet.

- At furnish of city Palace of culture expensive and modern finishing materials &ndash were used; Natural stone and dark mirror glass, - Arcady Korzun has commented. Such reception in Khabarovsk was not applied yet. All protections on perimetre round Palace of culture have been replaced. At first we thought to make only restoration of old protections, but inspection has shown that it is necessary to do a new fencing. The territory near to a recreation centre will be arranged well. The historical building has undergone to restoration, we have saved the well-known historical stucco moulding on a facade. Thus inside designers and designers also with soul have approached to registration of Palace of culture, richly and originally having decorated each premise. In a hall before a conference - the hall in registration will apply original stained-glass windows with subjects of history of Khabarovsk. Such object, undoubtedly, will decorate our city.

Long and thorough reconstruction of city Palace of culture comes to an end. As have informed « in management of culture of Khabarovsk, recreation centre opening becomes a feast. To congratulate on it Khabarovsk citizens, probably, even there will arrive capital celebrities. However, who exactly will sing for Khabarovsk citizens at opening of city Palace of culture, officials yet do not speak, referring that it becomes a pleasant surprise.


the Concert hall, a museum of history of Khabarovsk, showroom, a conference - halls, the city centre of youth – not all that will be in a new architectural complex on « energomashe ». Civil work are conducted today not only in a historical part of object, but also in a high-rise building located in territory of a recreation centre and densely adjoining reconstructed object of culture. The skyscraper in the same style is constructed, as the superstructure to the Palace of culture, and is finished by the same materials. And, of course, hardly in a high-rise building there will be culture municipal authorities. Clearness have brought in department of architecture, building and land tenure of Khabarovsk, having explained that the modern new building practically in city centre was created, unlike a recreation centre, with attraction of money of private investors. There the comfortable hostel, most likely, will take place.