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Rules of successful business

As business represents itself the majority of people? For many this concept is rather foggy. At absolutely ignorant all knowledge on a business subject, as a rule, comes to an end with the simple scheme « buy - sell - get profit ».

But very few people guesses that behind short hyphens laborious work of organizers of business disappears: from formation of amicable collective before selection of demanded assortment.

the market Law

In Rodinsky area of businessmen of Gorjaevyh, perhaps, knows everyone. In the village Rodino centre is them trading - a service complex. Here men are always assured that they will find in shop of autospare parts even the most exclusive and rare detail. And rodinskie women became for a long time habitues « Manors » Where time for them simply stops, because such choice of the goods for the house, a garden and a kitchen garden at times will not meet even in a city supermarket.

And after all own business Anatoly and Natalia Gorjaevy started to conduct during the hard period for the country. Then counters of all state shops were empty. To get the necessary goods or a thing, it was necessary to go or to a big city, or to have defined « acquaintances ».

- The first shop we have opened in 1997. Then on absolutely tiny area sold spare parts for cars, - Anatoly Anatolevich remembers. - and a premise did not begin to rent initially, independently having constructed a small building.

the Shop of autospare parts became at once popular among the population
the Photo: Darya GROMOVA

At existing deficiency of a detail were bought up during an instant. After a while businessmen had an idea not only to expand trading space, but also sphere of services. There was soon a car-care centre and a car wash.

- those years many tested in business. But from a stream of interested persons units could survive, - Anatoly Gorjaev marks. - We remained afloat only because did not feel sorry means, the gain most part put in the further development of business. It is the simple law of the market: As soon as you stop - you risk for ever to leave business arena. It is impossible to forget and about the buyers. We try, that the client not only has found the necessary goods, but remained happy in service.

All for clients

By the way, the assortment of shop of autospare parts really impresses - an order 15 - 17 thousand units.

- we approach To formation of the inventory very seriously, - Natalia Jurevna explains. - If the person though has not found once at us any zapchast, the second time to us it can simply not come. Therefore we try to offer an extensive line of production, offering rare details which are heavy for finding. Not casually inhabitants of the next areas became repeat clients of shop. Behind spare parts to us Volchihi, Blagoveshchenki, Keys &hellip go from Zavjalovo;

Shinomontazhnaja masterful Gorjaevyh also never is empty. Among the population the car wash where use the so-called non-contact method became popular also. The special equipment of German firm Karcher allows quickly, carefully, and the main thing - delicately to clear the car of a dust and a dirt.

In car-care centre Photos work Andrey Gassan (at the left) and Evgenie Ostapenko

It is impossible to ignore last child of Gorjaevyh - shop « Manor ».

- I know subtleties of agricultural manufacture from And to J.Poetomu the idea to create specialised shop of gardening character initially belonged to me, - Natalia Jurevna marks. - « Manor » works since April of this year, but from first days we hear from buyers only gratitude words. The self-service format allows to choose the goods without haste: whether it be flowers seeds or garden stock.

Recently klientoorientirovannyj the approach is practised by all advanced businessmen of the world. Rodinsky businessmen on a private experience have understood for a long time - the buyer should be always in the attention centre!

On a note

To services of inhabitants and visitors of Rodinsky area :

- shop of autospare parts for cars of the Russian and foreign manufacture (under the order);

- autocosmetics and butters;

- a contactless car wash and polishing;

- shinomontazhnaja a workshop and car-care centre (car repairs).

Rodinsky area, village Rodino, Lenin`s avenue, 194.

Uniform help number: (38563 23 - 4 - 03. E - a mail: avtomir. rodino@mail. ru

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