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Konstantin Tolkachev: For medicine we will spend 15 billion, and expenses on Salavat Yulaev will decrease

the Chairman of State meeting   republics on a visit at « »   has told, how there will pass public health services upgrade when in Bashkiria will raise penalties and what role   in its destiny Boris   has played; Yeltsin.

- Konstantin Borisovich, as you, the professional military man, the general, and in deputies   have gone?

- Yes, I after service in army worked two years in Germany as the mechanic - the driver of the tank, have then finished the higher school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the north worked, have then protected the thesis for a doctor`s degree, have started to teach. At first in Ryazan, then here me have translated. In the end of 90 - h years I was the chief of legal institute. Affairs in the country then went not so well, financing was weak, people the salary had nothing on half a year to pay. I then went on all offices what could, asked, to Moscow went, it is very difficult period was. Therefore also has gone in deputies – can, I think, the mandate will help to solve a part of questions.

- And at once the speaker of a steel?

  is it was very unexpected. Me have informed literally for a day. A pier, will offer my nominee. I was surprised – how so, the operating general will head Legislative Assembly? Yes such anywhere in the world, perhaps, was not. But me have told that Boris Yeltsin has already given OK. Everything, was no place to recede. And I then combined posts of the head of institute, the Chairman of the State meeting, the Chairman of the House of Representatives and more represented republic in the Federation Council. In 2003 there was a question on my re-election. But it was necessary to work already on a constant basis. It was necessary to stop the military career and completely to pass to professional parliamentary work.

- you already in two readings have accepted the new Code about administrative offences. Till the end of spring session will have time to accept up to the end it or for the autumn will leave?

- we Will be in time. Also we will accept, and into action we will enter. - do not complain to you, what for some infringements penalties have three times lifted? - To the contrary, say that it is a little fined. We after all can apply only two kinds of sanctions - the prevention or the penalty (on those infringements that are regulated by the local legislation, all-Russian – are registered in the Federal code, – the Comment red.) And it would be desirable and to register arrest for some infringements.

- Recently you have approved the amendment to the Constitution of republic limiting quantity of deputies of Kurultaja, them becomes less on 10. How on - to yours, it is a lot of or a little? Perhaps still it is possible to reduce?

- Know, republic at us big, it would be desirable, that voters had access to the deputy. 110 persons, in our opinion, enough. Would live compactly as in Moscow or St.-Petersburg when it is not necessary to overcome the big distances, can, and smaller quantity would manage. On a broader scale, we very modest deputies, expenses on them have less, than at neighbours. At us only 17 persons get wages.

- By the way, this year deputies will report about the incomes?

  - And we report every year.

  - But this data is not published?

- Is not present, only at will. There is no such law which would oblige deputies to publish these data.

- And here deputies of the State Duma on the site hang out all.

- We will necessarily discuss this question with colleagues.


- you supervise a course of upgrade of public health services. Tell more in detail, how much money to us will allocate and on what will spend.

- for anybody not a secret that our medicine is far not in the best status. Under the upgrade program for two years we will receive almost 15,5 billion roubles. On this money in republic we will open nine interdistrict centres with the most up-to-date equipment. And now we solve a question of improvement of professional skill of a housekeeping staff. After all what problem is: The newest technics it is bought in the West in considerable quantities, and experts who can correctly serve it, no. And use it anyhow, paternal the technics becomes unfit for use … In 11 hospitals will make major repairs, 117 – will receive the new equipment and transport.

is what, for example?

- the Basic emphasis we will make to the aid of patients with diseases of system of blood circulation, with various traumas, oncological diseases, and also to branches of service of blood and perinatalnym to the centres. For example, we will buy mobile incubators for newborns. They will work in areas, where maternity homes not so much. We will introduce Also electronic medical cards, record to the doctor through the Internet and other modern directions. Well and salaries to doctors we will lift.

- Still now speak about a raising of the salary to teachers much. How here affairs are?

- Yes, at government session have decided to lift level of salaries of teachers to average in region. Expenses on major repairs and equipment purchase the Russian budget, and the released money will incur regions can spend for salaries. According to the statistics data, at us teachers earn on the average 12600 roubles, and on the average on economy it 18 000. Preliminary in August of this year we will receive on these purposes about 734 million roubles, and the next two years – about two billions.


- the Question to you, as to the chairman of the supervisory board « Salavat Yulaev ». Many hearings and conjectures Now go: Bulls will leave, Jagr will come, Toresen ostensibly too was going to leave Russia … Comment – what waits club in a following season?

- you wrote already that at 11 players the contract has ended. Now while all on stages of negotiations, dialogue is conducted both with players, and with trainer`s structure. We will try to leave skeleton. I can tell that Radulov remains, he already accurately promised. Toresen for a long time complained – at it a family, he it very seldom sees. Last year it gathered to Canada, in it – I do not know, while final decision it is yet accepted.

But the next year expenses on the maintenance « Salavat Yulaev » will be a little reduced. It and so expensive enough command. We want, that in the command the players who have passed our hockey school have been presented also. Agree, it is bad, when in our command there is no pupil of the Bashkir hockey!