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Why pressure raises and a leah it is possible c for them to master

the World Day of struggle against a hypertension is founded by the World league of struggle against a hypertension with support the CART. Also it is spent since 2005. All over the world annually 7 million persons die also 1,5 billion suffer affliction from - for high arterial pressure or a hypertension.
- in Russia, by rough calculations, 40 million persons suffer affliction from a hypertension. If to consider that at us 115 million persons of adult population, it almost third » - the director of FGU GNITS of preventive medicine of Federal agency for hi-tech medical aid Sergey Anatolevich tells FIGHTERS.


1. Age. Certainly, it does not mean that each person of old age should have a hypertension, nevertheless, in Russia the hypertension on the average begins in 35 - 40 years at men and in 40 - 50 years at women.

2. Superfluous consumption of salt (twice more than it is necessary).

3. Superfluous weight of a body and adiposity. Not hypodermic adiposity, and fat accumulation, in a belly cavity thus means. At persons of middle age the hypertension, mainly, is caused by this factor. Danger consists that fat in a belly cavity gormonalno is active, it provokes processes which lead to increase of arterial pressure, development of an atherosclerosis, a diabetes and, in a final analysis,   to heart attacks, strokes and death. If the person takes courage and cleans excess weight the hypertension with high probability leaves. By the way adiposity extends towards young age, accordingly more and more and the hypertension looks younger.

4. Smoking.


Arterial pressure is a force from which heart banishes blood on a body. Arterial pressure is defined by force and quantity of forced blood, and also the size and flexibility of vessels. It consists of two figures, for example 120/ 80 mm hg

the First figure – sistolicheskoe pressure of blood which arises when heart is reduced. For adults figures between 90 and 140 are considered as norm.
More the low level shows diastolicheskoe the pressure defined between blows of heart when heart relaxes, « has a rest ». For adults figures between 60 and 90 are considered as norm.

the Hypertension is a chronic status at which arterial pressure is raised. Many people have high arterial pressure and do not know about it. Long time such status proceeds bessimptomno but when arterial pressure reaches critical figures, arteries and vitals are surprised. The hypertension calls heart troubles, kidneys, a stroke, contributes in diabetes development. That is why high arterial pressure name « the silent murderer ».

- the Hypertension begins with value 140 on 90. However there is such concept as « high normal » pressure. It is a zone 130 - 140 sistolicheskogo an indicator of arterial pressure. This normal pressure for people who do not have additional factors warmly - vascular risk (adiposity, the smoking, the raised level of cholesterol, advanced age) and high for at whom they are » - Sergey tells FIGHTERS.

as soon as the person reaches age 35 - 40 years at men and 40 - 50 years at women, it is necessary for it to measure arterial pressure. At least time in half a year. At the first symptoms - weight, a headache, feeling of heat, especially in the situations connected with an emotional pressure, - it is necessary to be converted to the local doctor. Urgently to be converted to the doctor it is necessary at detection of the expressed increase of arterial pressure, from above 160.


1. Before device acquisition measure a shoulder circle, that is a biceps. Choose the device with a cuff approaching you on the size.

2. Calm down. Do not drink tea, coffee or other drinks containing caffeine, be not engaged in any physical activity 30 minutes prior to measurement.

3. Sit down correctly. Lean a back against a chair back. The device should be at heart level. The hands bent in elbows easy lie on a table. Do not cross a foot or a hand. During measurements it is impossible to talk, watch TV, listen to radio, to accept food. The cuff bottom edge should be on 2 sm above an elbow bend.

4. Make some measurements. Measure arterial pressure 2 - 3 times and write down an average arithmetic these measurements.

5. Measure arterial pressure at the same time. As arterial pressure changes during the day it is very important to measure it at the same time every day. It is recommended to do it in the morning and in the evening.

6. Write down all your indicators.

Where free of charge to check up a status it is warm - vascular system

In Pavilion 5 at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in frameworks improvingly - the preventive program « Check up the heart » as which organizer the All-Russian public organisation League of health of the nation to you acts will spend the express train - diagnostics on modern kardiovizore.

Inspection occupies some minutes. To undress and lay down on a couch not necessarily. It is enough to bare a wrist and anklebones. Following the results of diagnostics on hands results in the form of the cardiogramme and a three dimensional portrait of heart stand out. A heart portrait in norm it is green - blue colour. At deviations from norm it changes on yellow and red. The more red, the disease is more serious. After so fast and easy inspection the expert makes to the patient medical recommendations if they are necessary. The schedule of carrying out of the action « Check up the heart » in Pavilion 5 at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre.

from May, 28th till June, 5th with 10. 00 to 18. 00 you can check up a status of the warmly - vascular system on the newest equipment absolutely free of charge.