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In Komi in a family gone in chimskom to Andrey Meleshchuka`s wood the kid

  was born;

- There are no children in wood, no. And in vain for them there search - such means and forces for it vbuhivajut. Simply vnikuda, - the local resident of settlement Chim of Udorsky area, the neigbour of a family Meleshchuk Maria Syrbu confidently speaks. - Them have taken away by the car where - that: can, live, can, dead.
Local residents of settlement, from which were gone two years ago in kilometre two eight-year boys - Andrey Vasilenko and Andrey Meleshchuk, build different versions, but a variant that children have frozen, were lost in wood or that them zagryz a bear (and in their local woods it is enough), they sweep aside.  
Then, in 2009 - m, the epopee on search of two first-graders was watched without exaggeration by all country. Plots about a mysterious history have shown in news on federal channels, but « heppi - enda » Which waited, does not happen. In small settlement Chim of Udorsky area hundreds professionals from different cities of Russia worked: searchers, cynologists, psychologists, militia. To the present day experts have not found children neither live, nor dead, they neither have not found traces, nor remains, neither clothes. Nor a uniform thread which could would like to specify indirectly where boys have got to. Children as if under the earth have failed! It is no wonder that those undertook a solution of this mystical history who with mysticism « is on friendly terms » - parents and inspectors even were converted to psychics. But alas - the information received from them, has not found acknowledgement, and a question – what became with children? – till now remains without the answer...
Then, of course, all began to blame teacher Nadezhdu Galievu for an event - a pier, has not watched, has not saved up children for whom responded. Investigating bodies of Udorsky area have there and then raised against the director of high school of Nina Halus criminal case under article 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - « a negligence ». By the way, after this tragedy the director and « such valuable teacher » Nina Ivanovna as spoke its colleagues, has left school. To the teacher any sanctions have not applied, it works till now on an old place.  
- Oh, I do not want to talk to journalists, all is bad with our boys - « poterjashkami » - as - that Olga Tajbarej has with watchfulness responded the new director chimskoj schools. – And what here you will tell? Search, but it is ineffectual.
And today in chimskom to wood about 30 experts: the Ministry of Emergency Measures - niki - searchers and inspectors on - new on squares comb territory that already though something to find and close this strange business.  
As has told « the inspector on especially important issues of department on investigation especially important issues of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation on Republic Komi Aleksej Tarabukin, last year in the middle of May as soon as snow has descended, services have started to search for boys. In June operation should be curtailed from - for high dense grasses which prevented to comb territory. Then traces of children searched tochechno, and in the end of August employees again closely were engaged in searches of boys. Vainly.  
this year – a new coil of searches. But, seemingly, inspectors and not so - that believe even that it will be possible to find zatsepku.  
- While we search roughly till June, 10th, then we will collect a staff and we will solve how to be further, - has told « a deputy head of SOU SK the Russian Federation across Komi Andrey Isaev. – But on a broader scale, searches will proceed until we will not find out destiny of children.
According to Andrey Isaeva, the action brought two years ago can be suspended, but is not closed, and operatively - search actions will proceed.  
it is surprising, but that ill-starred place where rural boys were gone, local residents very much love - very much a picturesque place, and other beauty nearby are not present. To lake and families on picnics go, and the children on velikah there constantly go for a drive. In a word, after two years life in settlement has begun to flow the turn. Of tragedy remind only small groups from inspectors, militiamen and rescuers who during a season when it is possible to find any traces, renew searches of boys.  
- you know, at a family of Meleshchuk pleasure such - several months ago at them the kid was born, boy Artem, - tells « The assistant to the head of Chimsky administration Elena Trifonova. - Earlier both mother, and the father drank, have now seen reason, always together, always a family with a carriage on village walk...
And here at Andrey Vasilenko`s mum, according to fellows villager, all on - former: it works all in the same place and all also one: her husband has died approximately for a year before in chimskom to wood its eight-year son Andrjusha was gone.  
Why 700 persons have not found two children?
So why so much adult (and professional) people could not find two 8 - summer boys? On this question we heard different answers, but accurate are not present and till now.
  One considered that time has been lost when the teacher with children who have remained on a platform tried to find 2 hours Andreys independently.  
Others consider – the trained dogs, be they on a place of state of emergency at once, would save situation and would pick up a trail of boys. But too much people have rushed « sherstit » wood was trampled also by all traces.
  not too carefully interrogated parents - one more version sounded by local residents then, in 2009 - m. After all only for the fifth day it was found out that Andrey Meleshchuk already as - that blabbed out runaway. Appear this version earlier, rescuers could fulfil some directions teleologically.
As searched poterjashek
on June, 5th – in 13. 00 teacher of a school platform has noticed that during walk two first-graders have disappeared. The call to rescuers has arrived only in the evening. The decision to direct on searches group of rescuers from Syktyvkar is accepted. With 17. 00 local volunteers comb wood.
on June, 6th - local residents search for children in wood even at night. The first group of rescuers (formation of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on RK and under abnormal condition - life-saving service RK) reached a place of 18 hours, has arrived late at night and at once has started searches. 100 persons are involved in searches
on June, 7th – the first flight of territory by helicopter MI - 2. Boys are searched by cynologists with dogs. The same day in Chim employees UFSIN on RK, and by rail, passing near to a place of searches have gone, there was a diesel locomotive which submitted hooters, that sorientirovat lost the way on a sound. 200 persons, 11 units of technics are involved in searches.
on June, 8th - 276 persons, 3 search dogs and 25 units of technics are involved in searches.  
on June, 9th - the Moscow group is involved in searches « TSentrospas ». From St.-Petersburg the board with rescuers and operative group has taken off. Wood is surveyed, the nearest settlements, the thrown structures, sheds, wood izbas are checked. 392 persons are involved in searches.
on June, 10th - on 5 - j day of searches 240 sq. km of wood are surveyed already, 11 search groups and 13 cynologists with dogs work. 762 persons and 35 units of technics are involved in searches.
on June, 11th - the version that children were not lost, and have run away, there is the basic.  
on June, 12th - 864 sq. km of a taiga are surveyed already. 774 persons and 36 units of technics are involved in searches, 15 film logic calculations and 3 helicopters.
13, on June, 14th - searches are continued already only by local rescuers, militia of Udorsky area, employees GIMS - 99 persons and 15 units of technics.