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In resort settlement of the Novosibirsk region have again passed the armed dismantlings

Settlement Lake Karachi it is located on the suburb of Siberia. To the regional centre – almost half-thousand kilometres. When – that local places were famous for natural mammons, especially – a curative reservoir. Now the settlement is shrouded more and more by criminal glory. For four months here has occurred already three murders.

the First bloody dismantling has happened in the night from 17 for February, 18th. Then the local criminal has stolen and has shot young deputy Nikolay Markova. The murderer and a victim lived on the next floors and when - that worked in one municipal enterprise. On one of versions, eks - the colleague simply disliked Markova, therefore and was quit with it. On another – has eliminated it as the future competitor, after all the deputy was going to open own company and to work in housing and communal services sphere.    

Detectives yet have not finished investigation of this business as in settlement there was one more bloodshed. In the middle of April, fairly « having accepted on a chest » two brothers have squabbled. At first rubbish has turned back fisticuffs, and then one of men has seized for a knife. After few minutes its enemy was already dead.

Has passed month, and in settlement there were again deadly dismantlings. On May, 19th, having appointed « to an arrow » for five mornings, there were four men: two have arrived by one car, two – on another.

- the Businessman who made an appointment, has jumped out of the car and began to shoot, - Ivan Pichersky, a deputy head of Chanovsky interdistrict investigatory department of Investigatory management SKR across the Novosibirsk region describes events. – local resident Edward Lemeshev has been killed by a shot in a chest. Its friend, instantly having fallen to asphalt, has had time to evade: has got off with wound in a hand.

Fortunately the survived man, at the avenger was only two cartridge. So to continue punishment it could not any more. Having dropped in in the car, the criminal with the friend has dashed away from a scene.

- the Suspect has tried to disappear, but within days we have found it. It has explained on interrogation that went to relatives to say goodbye, - Ivan Sergeevich sums up. – accusation for fulfilment of murder and attempt at murder is already brought to the Arrested person. Under the law it is threatened with punishment - up to lifelong imprisonment.

Accused already has explained motive of a crime: a pier, the day before Lemeshev has offended it, having called « the collective farmer ». Without having endured this humiliation, the businessman also has solved « to wash off a shame » blood.

However, there is and more one version which should be checked up to detectives: monetary dismantlings. It is known that this year the son of the businessman - the murderer has committed suicide. The father has raised money to put ogradku round a tomb. According to not confirmed while versions, at the height of the conflict Lemeshev has simply taken away from the man sacred accumulation for it, than and « has signed to itself a deadly sentence ».      

For what in the winter in the Siberian settlement the deputy has been killed?

Details and versions: « In the Siberian remote places « puts things in order » the lost deputy »