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the Water Universe invites to night flight

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the Museum complex « the Water Universe » on Shpalernoj, 56 will take part in the international action « Night of museums – 2011 ». Night programs will begin on Saturday, on May, 21st, in 21. 00, also will come to the end on Sunday, on May, 22nd, in 6 mornings.

this year « Night of museums » it will be devoted 50 - letiju the first flight of the person in space.

Under the monthly card which can be got in all museums – participants of the action and in theatrical cash desks of a city, visitors Shpalernoj, 56 will have an opportunity to visit a unique multimedia exposition « the Water Universe » in the former tank at its finest.  

In the former tank of visitors at its finest the special night program « will wait; Opening the Water Universe ». Visitors will visit an original water planetarium. They learn about various hypotheses of occurrence of water on the Earth, about influence of the Moon and the Sun on superficial and underground waters and about water presence in a space outside of our planet. In a microcosm of St.-Petersburg value of water is difficult for overestimating: water from the very beginning became important gradoobrazujushchim the factor, at the same time remaining destructive elements during the flooding bringing chaos in life of a city. Guides of a museum will try to slightly open some secrets and riddles which are stored by these surprising elements. After all water - the same as also space - up to the end is not studied till now.  

Also the action monthly card gives the chance to visit the historical exposition of a museum located in an ancient Water tower (« the World of water of St.-Petersburg ») .

the Water tower with which building the history of city water supply begins, has been erected in 1861. And later without small one and a half century, in 2003 the museum here has opened. Presently external appearance of a tower has a little changed: the glass extension has strengthened its pressing forward up, to the sky, and the shape of a tower began something to remind the space rocket. During time « Nights of museums » it will be possible to go by this original spaceship to fascinating travel to history of mutual relations of water and mankind.

                Also for visitors of the action « Night of museums » on Shpalernoj, 56 have prepared some additional programs (which do not enter into the monthly card).

                Among such programs - show Scientifically and not dull – Fascinating interactive scientifically - popular show for adults and children where each interested person can take part in water experiments get acquainted with unique properties of the water, the unusual physical phenomena shone in the dark by liquids, with surprising polymers and many other things. Scientific show will pass in a mysterious hall of the former engine room of the waterworks, filled with spirit of discoveries. Duration of the program - 30 minutes

                And to judges 3D - sensations a museum complex « the Water Universe » offers « Travel on a planet the Glitch ». It is unique game 3D - an attraction with the big panoramic screen, a projective stereosystem, a surround sound and 3D - a drawing in the real time, allowing to simulate any horizontal and vertical movings, rotation and rolling. Duration of the program - 7 minutes

                the Same who prefers to space the earth, « the Water Universe » invites this night in « the Underground world of Petersburg ». This multimedia exposition has settled down in the left extension of a water tower. Here visitors can pass all way of water from a water fence to apartment of townspeople and back – on treatment facilities. To visitors of a museum will show a film about work of a modern Water canal and will tell a lot of new about properties of the Neva water, about ways of its clearing and about an enterprise role in megacity life. Here too it will be possible to see a large-scale chart of Neva and a breadboard model of the central part of St.-Petersburg.

« Night of museums » in « the Installed Water » traditionally is popular at townspeople. We will remind that in 2010 during the similar action a museum complex on Shpalernoj, 56 have visited more than 11 thousand persons.


Cost of tickets :

the Monthly card of Night of museums - 300 roubles (on Shpalernoj, 56 on it it is possible to visit a historical exposition « the World of water of St.-Petersburg » and a multimedia exposition « the Water Universe ») .

Scientific show: Scientifically and not dull

Duration: 30 minutes

the Price: 100 roubles – adults, 50 roubles – schoolboys and students, 20 roubles - pensioners.

3D an attraction: « Travel on a planet the Glitch »

Duration: 7 minutes

the Price: 150 roubles – adults, 50 roubles – schoolboys and students

the Exposition « the Underground world of Petersburg » :

Duration: 30 minutes

the Price: 150 roubles – adults, 50 roubles – schoolboys and students, 20 roubles – pensioners.


the Museum complex « the Water Universe »: Shpalernaja ul, d. 56 (metro station « Chernyshevsky »)

Phones: 438 - 43 - 75 , 275 - 43 - 25 and 438 - 43 - 01

a museum Site : www. vodokanal - museum. ru



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State Unitary Enterprise « the Water canal of St.-Petersburg »


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