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The manager - the businessman and the corporate lawyer - the future graduates VGUES

And before entrants and their parents costs again the same problem which was solved by their predecessors. In what high school to arrive? Reception of what trade will help to found a job successfully and favourably? Experience of last years shows that the present employer rather appreciates the graduates having a wide spectrum kompetentsy.  

- Natalia Nikolaeva, as far as I know, VGUES positions itself as enterprise high school. What from this follows? A leah it is reflected in educational process of directly your institute?

- it is doubtless. Today business - environment dictates the game rules.   for work in commercial structures on which we focus our graduates, it is not enough to have any one speciality. The market demands possession adjacent kompetentsijami, first of all the enterprise. Their integration into other specialities also is our problem now.  

So, for example, lawyers whom we prepare, essentially differ from lawyers - graduates of other high schools. We   we prepare so-called corporate lawyers, that is the experts focused   on legal support of business.  

For this purpose   the program of training of students of a legal direction includes the disciplines connected with business. It – the corporate right, the enterprise right, the arbitration right and other similar disciplines. For expansion of a spectrum of possibilities at our institute the School of the corporate lawyer is more recently created. Employment in the form of business games and modelling situations   the practising lawyers working in the companies, therefore such praktikoorientirovannoe   conduct; training   allows students within the precincts of university to test as the corporate lawyer.  

- a leah It is possible to assume that in the training program in other basic direction of your institute – to management – disciplines of legal character enter.

- Indeed. To the students who have selected for training a direction « Management » on profiles « Management of small-scale business » and « Financial management » we have entered the block of legal disciplines into the program. As a matter of fact,   we prepare the managers, capable how to organise own business, and   to work in a top - management of the large companies. The financial managers potentially prepared by us – these are financial and even general directors of the enterprises. And unless it is possible to supervise over the big organisation, without having kompetentsy in financial and legal questions? We consider that are not present. Good possession of legal questions raises competitiveness of our graduates.  

- What programs can be still interesting to entrants?  

- it is doubtless, it is the joint international program of a bachelor degree,   conditionally named us   « two plus two » the set on which is conducted at the Higher school of management of our institute. Within the limits of this program   students study two years within the precincts of our high school, two years abroad. Taking an opportunity, I can tell that at the management Higher school   one of our most ambitious programs &ndash is realised also; « the Master business - administrations » which graduates   are competitive and claimed as in our country, and abroad.

- the direction « is not less actual; Human resource management » which graduates began to enjoy the person popularity recently. On - to our opinion, it is connected by that employers have become seriously interested in increase of efficiency of use of available shots.

I Want to pay attention to such direction, as « Psychology ». Popularity of this speciality also grows every day. Focusing graduates on work in business - structures, we have entered into educational process such disciplines, as « Legal psychology » « management Psychology » « Organizational psychology ».  

it is actual enough and the direction « is claimed today; the State and municipal management ». Here at our graduates an unlimited mission field as their vocational training is not limited to frameworks of an obligatory course. At the School of a municipal policy created at institute children receive many additional knowledge and kompetentsy and can test in different roles - the deputy, the public figure, the civil servant, the politician. Not the secret that the future government belongs to today`s entrants and students.  

Besides, at right and management VGUES Institute the business School all interested persons can become which investigators is opened. In it courses as   are offered; for the beginning businessman, and the interesting block « Female business » called to help the women who have lost work to open own business, and also a number   operates; programs for the skilled businessmen, wishing to deepen the knowledges of this or that area.  

I Want to underline that this year along with   a direction « Social work » openly new direction « The organisation of work with youth ». In our case it   especially   actually, if to consider that VGUES among the Russian high schools has won competition on the right of preparation of volunteers for winter Olympic games of 2014 in Sochi. Besides,   last years in Seaside   edge special attention is given to the youth policy. Therefore it is assured that without work our graduates do not remain.  


As to   laboratory base of institute it is equipped by the newest modern equipment and meets the highest requirements. As an example I can name a unique educational class « the Hall of judicial sessions » equipped so that there it is possible not only to model litigations in the educational purposes, but also to spend the present, exit processes that we and do now, inviting workers of district courts to exit sessions.

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