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Orthodoxy or death all - taki have forbidden

the Occasion to trial there was a slogan placing « Orthodoxy or death » on a site of an art workshop - studios of the Union of Orthodox Standard-bearers « Russian symbol ». On December, 21st last year the Cheremushkinsky district court of capital recognised this statement extremist.

And in April of this year Already Lublin district court of Moscow stated an estimation to a T-shirt made in studio of the Union, with an inscription Orthodoxy or death! and the image of orthodox symbolics with skulls. This time the court has taken into consideration opinions of various experts. For example, religioved Roman Lunkin in the conclusion has written: « Friars treated this slogan as Orthodoxy upholding as saving belief in a counterbalance of spiritual death of soul without orthodox belief, readiness consistently to defend the belief to the death ».

And standard-bearers on the site underline that the slogan does not need to be expounded, as a phrase « a purse or life! »: « the essence of this reference has exclusively religious character and concerns orthodox christians who thus declare the vital choice and readiness to die for the Christ like all sacred martyrs if it even on pain of death will suggest to recant from Orthodoxy or to agree with distortion of Orthodox doctrinal statement ».

the Lublin court as a result has rejected representation of Office of Public Prosecutor about a recognition of a T-shirt extremist. However, despite discrepancy of judgements, on a site of the Ministry of Justice the slogan « Orthodoxy or death » all - taki have brought in the Federal list of extremist materials referring to the last year`s decision.