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The shoemaker`s wife is the worst shod or Who juggles with the house on Turgeneva 20/ 5?


To an unpleasant situation have got the tenant of the house on street Turgeneva, 20/ 5 – with their house businessmen from the housing and communal services, throwing a building from one managing director on another not to pay tick resursosnabzhajushchim to the organisations juggle. From the end of 2008 at the house it was replaced already three housing management companies. And since June the house intends   to take on service a certain Open Company « Remstrojspetsmontazh » which, probably, at all has no right to collect from inhabitants of the house payment for utilities.

« Tourist`s Genevsky travails » a brick skyscraper 20/ 5 have begun with the end of 2008. The house was erected by the building company « Torahs » which Dmitry Aleksandrovich Zavyalov headed. The new building has been passed to service to a house manager of Open Company « JArseverstroj » which head too was D.A.Zavyalov. In October, 2010 general meeting of proprietors of habitation has transferred control of the house another UK – Open Company « real estate and crediting Agency ». For the sake of justice we will notice that Zavyalov, and Olga Aleksandrovna Vasilevsky became the director of a new management company any more.

By the end of April, 2011 of Open Company « real estate and crediting Agency » has saved up a heap of debts before suppliers of resources for utilities. Only before suppliers of thermal energy from TGK - 2 the debts in 230 thousand roubles have been saved up.   the exit has been found simple – the management company declared that since June, 3rd terminates with TGK - 2 contract of a heat supply, and since June, 4th transfers the house in control of one more management company, Open Company « Remstrojspetsmontazh ».

the Decision on change of a management company of the house was accepted by somebody of Volkhov which, according to the report of general meeting of proprietors of the house, operates by proxy from all proprietors of the apartments located in this building. Thus the director « Remstrojspetsmontazha » there is Ivan Dmitrievich Beljakov who worked earlier as the director for operation « real estate and crediting Agencies ». Ivan Dmitrievich takes the house, and here the debts which have been saved up by the well familiar predecessors why - that does not take under management.

Attempts of pseudo-bankruptcy and a conclusion of target money are punished both in judicial, and in a criminal order. Probably that suppliers of resources cannot reconcile to a situation, when them simply « have thrown » without having paid heat, also will prove in law enforcement bodies of Yaroslavl the case. It is not excluded that as a result it can appear so that judicial bodies do not recognise the right of a new management company - baby`s dummies on a whip-round from the population, and payments honesty paying municipal « receipts » inhabitants   will leave in an unknown direction.

If inhabitants of apartment houses do not show proper attention to activity of the management company, they quite often become victims of manipulations from unfair kommunalshchikov. In the present state of affairs surprises one – in the house there lives the most important controller of the Yaroslavl housing and communal services – the first deputy of the mayor of Yaroslavl, the head of Department of municipal economy of city municipality Vladimir Sleptsov. How so, the shoemaker`s wife is the worst shod?