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Farmer Vladimir Jakub: the Family - the keystone to success!

he considers as the keystone to success of the enterprise strong family bonds. In the son and husbands of the daughters the farmer sees the main support and hope

the Arable land

- We with the son long thought, looked narrowly at being engaged in agriculture. Have decided that it is necessary to try, and have leased 362 hectares of the earth. With that also have begun … - tells about the krestjansko - a farm Vladimir Ilich. - then two sons-in-law, namesakes of the son have joined us - too Alexanders. Four years ago have bought branch in village Tizek. Now at us of 2200 hectares, but on it we do not want to stop, we plan to increase the areas - for animal industries development.

Arable lands KFH are sowed with sunflower, oats, barley, millet and, certainly, wheat. Last year wheat crop in Vladimir Jakuba`s economy has made 18 centners from hectare. And here this year the sowing campaign does not please head of a country economy: that the prices grow on PETROLEUM PRODUCTS all are not present rains and are not present...

- the price policy on grain absolutely unsettles, - Vladimir Ilich marks. - last year grain from us have taken away for nothing: at the cost price of 3200 roubles redeemed it on 1500 roubles! 14 years ago I handed over grain on 3700 but then also solar oil cost 3 roubles!. And a bread roll, by the way, too 3 roubles. And now the price for fuel has jumped up to 22,60 roubles. It means that in a sowing campaign only I will spend a half-million for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. And thus the power still wants, that I gave the salary not less than 10 000. I agree to pay, and I cry, if people fulfil it. Now the average salary at the enterprise of 11 200 roubles.

the Family

- Certainly, at times there come the doubt moments: what for all it to us? - Vladimir Jakub reflects. - Ridiculously to remember, but in the beginning I thought: Pier, 10 years I will fulfil, I will buy apartment in a city, to cinema I will go in the evenings. Neither the son, nor at sons-in-law, at me does not have till now apartments in Barnaul though three grandsons and one grand daughter grow up. Yes what to speak … Soul has already become attached to the native earth - no city will keep. Especially we work as all family. I from them now anywhere!

With native to work difficult, but at the enterprise at Vladimir Ilicha full mutual understanding reigns: the farmer is necessary on a scent and intuition of the son and sons-in-law, and they in turn yours faithfully concern its rich agricultural experience. A vivid example of how there is a cooperation of two generations for blessing KFH, acquisition by an economy can serve in 2009 of flock of cows gerefordskoj breeds.

Animal industries

- Youth at me advanced. Children the first have conceived and have lighted up to be engaged in breeding animal industries, - Vladimir Ilich laughs and there and then with disappointment marks. - they the same as also I, see that from plant growing now I pound a little: hardly we return that we put. Therefore have decided to test in a cattle-breeding direction. Especially to us have promised the state support, - Vladimir Ilich remembers how has dared at purchase of flock from 70 cows and 56 calfs gerefordskoj breeds.

By the way, now in an economy work over a hybrid gereforda and Kazakh white-headed breeds. Already today the individuals deduced by a selection way give increase in an issue and having bothered. So, winter of 2011 in an economy on light has appeared trojnja. All calfs have survived and differ excellent health.

All livestock KRS krestjansko - a farm totals 253 heads, there are also horses and sheep.

- For today the animal industries should become a pillow of security for the farmer, - Vladimir Ilich speaks. - while it is tolerant, we do not touch cattle, we are engaged in it, and it is necessary hard - we will cut out to survive. Until then we will try to receive from flock the maximum return. In plans increase matochnogo a livestock to 300 goals.

on a cattle-breeding complex four persons Constantly work, 15 more - 16 persons are accepted for field and seasonal works. All workers are provided by a totality of a social package, obligations on timely payment are carried out strictly because zealous owner Vladimir Jakub knows that it is pledge of stable development of an economy.

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