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Science on service at sheep breeding

Breeding factory « Steppe » it has appeared one of few enterprises which have saved during difficult reorganisation time a direction traditional for Rodinsky area of animal industries - sheep breeding. At the head of an economy there is a general director, the doctor of agricultural sciences Sergey Katamanov .

the Exchange of experience

Besides the general director at the enterprise four more persons with scientific degrees work. Candidates of agricultural and biological sciences, they got education in « alma - mater » scientific sheep breeding - Stavropol scientifically - research institute of animal industries and kormoproizvodstva Rossel - hozakademii.

- Earlier when in all country there was a mullions-strong livestock of cattle to invite scientists in « Steppe » it was difficult. Now the science practically is necessary to nobody, therefore they with pleasure accept our invitation, - Sergey Grigorevich ascertains. - We foot the bill on journey payment, a food, residing, and we have in exchange an opportunity to work with the best scientists - sheep breeders of the country, to make use of their experience. For today in « Steppe » all outstanding scientists of this direction have visited.

Scientists work in « Steppe » almost constantly. Sheep breeders come from all country for an exchange of experience, acquaintance to the Altay breeds of sheep and the conclusion of contracts on delivery of breeding cattle. Students, post-graduate students and teachers of the Altay agrarian university Here work. For example, in May on bonitirovku sheep to an economy there has arrived the Stavropol senior research assistant of laboratory of the sheep breeding, the merited livestock specialist of the Russian Federation Peter Stepanovich Bida.

Thanks to such scrupulous approach to breeding cultivation of sheep of Open Society « Steppe » for last five years has received at once two patents for selection achievements - kulundinskuju and western - Siberian meat breeds of sheep.

It is necessary to irrigate!

For today « Steppe » is a loud-speaker on cultivation of cows of red steppe breed, the Oryol trotters and breeding factory on cultivation of sheep kulundinskoj and western - Siberian meat breeds. In an economy 7300 sheep, an order 630 dojnogo flocks of a horned cattle and 350 horses are.

Thus the science moves not only selection in « Steppe » but also technology of preparation of forages. The leading part is thus taken away to irrigated sites of pasturable grounds.

- That it is reliable to be engaged in cattle breeding at high level, it is necessary that was 1,5 - 2 - a year stock of forages, - Sergey Grigorevich speaks. - At us, in a zone of risky agriculture, it is difficult. And usually this problem solve at the expense of reduction of a livestock of cattle. On mind it is necessary to restore all system of an irrigation. At us on fields it is involved four installations « the Frigate » which serve in total an order of 300 hectares.

- On our site we grow up long-term grasses, we introduce fertilizers in soil, and it yields good result in animal industries, - the chief of an irrigation site of Open Society « marks; Steppe » Alexander Ashihin. - If in our environmental conditions not to irrigate kormozagotovitelnye base grasses turn yellow and dry out, and as a result from nutrients there is one kletchatka. To feed with it animals, all the same that the person wood sawdust

Here already throughout three years « Steppe » is in a stage of sale of manufacture under the federal program of privatisation of state ownership. Many are disturbed by destiny of the enterprise: with what program of work the new proprietor will come? But the majority in the future look with optimism: while there is a support of the state and commodity markets - will be in « Steppe » and sheep for the country, and work for people.

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