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To Stavropol Territory does not threaten a cucumber infection

Here already almost month as from the countries of Europe sad news come: the unusual intestinal infection, which flash has begun in Germany, has reached already and other European countries (« » from June, 3rd). Disease cases are already registered in Denmark, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, Czechia.

According to German experts, fault to all - vegetables, are more exact cucumbers and salad leaves.
but till now experts could not tell precisely that actually became the reason of so mass infection and from what people perish.

By the way, only for one days in Europe with symptoms of the hardest poisoning (the bloody diarrhoeia, high temperature, vomiting) have fallen ill almost 400 persons. For today it is known about 17 victims. A death principal cause - refusal of kidneys.

In connection with heavy conditions abroad on May, 30th Russia has forbidden import of fresh vegetables from Germany and Spain, and on June, 2nd this interdiction has extended to all EU countries. In blogs and sotssetjah there and then have begun to discuss this decision. To be ill, of course, it would be desirable to nobody, but citizens simply are afraid of sharp rise in prices for vegetables. A pier, the basic supplier - Europe so, will be either deficiency, or jump of the prices.

Correspondents « » have tried to find out, what conditions to Stavropol Territory and a leah threaten us deficiency and a rise in prices for vegetables?

- I Think that the rise in prices in edge in connection with an interdiction for import of vegetables from the European Union will not be, - Natalia Shapovalova, deputy head Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora of edge speaks. - first of all because Europe never was for Stavropol Territory the large supplier. Production great bulk is brought to edge from Turkey, Azerbaijan
and the next Kuban. By and large, we can consult and without import on a broader scale. At us enough the vegetables.

Experts of regional Rospotrebnadzora work with suppliers, watch a situation in the market. Also say that the occasion to a panic is not present. Several weeks ago in one of hypermarkets of the regional centre there was a party of salad from Spain. About 65 kgs.

But, having learnt about potential danger, party have there and then removed from sale. Deliveries have suspended, - has added zamrukovoditelja. We will hope that us this problem strongly will not concern. Our physicians watch a situation, carry out monitoring and while, fortunately, similar cases of a poisoning it has not been revealed.