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The Moldavian drivers should pay more

the Authorities have decided to increase road gathering. If the government approves necessary amendments, since 2012 motorists should pay twice more than now.
the Ministry of Finance has offered, that since 2012 owners of cars with the engine in volume to one and a half thousand cubic centimetres paid road gathering in 300 leev that twice more than now. On cars with volume   the engine to two thousand cubic centimetres the tax will increase to 600 leev.
to three thousand cubic centimetres it will be necessary to pay For volume of the engine on - former 900 leev, for three and a half thousand cubic centimetres gathering will make 1400 leev.

And At this time

Import and second-hand cars can rise in price

the Ministry of Finance has suggested to increase since 2012 excises by import cars.
« »   has decided to find out that will be with the automobile market after increase of excises.

- Cars will rise in price for that sum on which will lift excises. After excises on cars with the diesel engine have raised, the prices have grown on 6 - 8 thousand euro. After new cars the second-hand will rise in price also. It is possible to tell that the break-even sales level in the automobile market will decrease , - the commercial director of car centre ELITA 5 Alexander Korsak has told.
the Offer of the Ministry of Finance will come into force, if the government and parliament supports it.

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