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the Voronezh children yet do not know, who will help them to defend the rights

« With the stroke of the pen it is possible to lose the child for ever »

- For three months that I work, to me 63 references have arrived, - Irina Nikolaevna has told to us. - First of all people are stirred with housing problems, work of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, collecting of debts under children`s grants, non-payment of the alimony and restoration of the parental rights. And last subject at us is discussed especially actively. After all there is an opinion that to the kid in the family, let even the most unsuccessful, better, than in children`s home. However not all so is simple.

For example, the ombudsman tells, were converted   the spouses deprived of the parental rights who asked to help to return to them of four kids. At once there was a question: how such could occur? Have started to understand and have found out: Mother works only because it have compulsorily employed for non-payment of the alimony, the father has changeable earnings as children told, the father sometimes drinks and swears at mum, and once   were engaged « bad affairs ».

Irina Popova (at the left) and Olga Stepanova.
the Photo: Marika STANKOVICH

- One more actual problem - trip abroad of the child with one parent. There is an error that in the power of attorney in departure of the minor specify that term during which the parent is ostensibly obliged to return the child back. Actually, if the document is given out, for example, with 1 - go on 15 - e number it is a question only of term during which the document operates, and it is possible to take out to this term of the child abroad. But it does not mean that   the parent during this period   is obliged to bring the child home. To return it as practice shows, from other state happens very difficult, - Irina Popova has explained. - It is necessary to show consideration very much   to this point in question.

it is a lot of cases when spouses divorced also cannot agree in any way as they will communicate with the child.

- Such sensation that during home life in them has accumulated so much offence and a rage that now it comes up all outside, - the representative makes a helpless gesture. - and children suffer affliction. The eternal song begins: Has at the wrong time come, not those socks a plot, and what for a jacket with a long sleeve if in the street it is hot …

As has noted the ombudsman, references from young voronezhtsev to it did not arrive yet. Probably, children yet do not know that in our area there was a person who is ready to defend their rights.

« it is impossible to approach To problems of children formally »

There were for three months of work of the representative such cases which simply do not go in. For example, history shocking all in Talovoj when mother has killed an axe the seven-year daughter. There and then there was a question: how such on a broader scale could occur?

- I inspected. As it has appeared, the woman strongly drank, it judged twice:   for hooliganism and for a robbery, - Irina Popova tells. - Nevertheless on the account them and have not put. And that the most sad, division   On affairs of minors did not co-operate in any way with district militia officers. And after all if they communicated more actively, this tragedy could be avoided! And you only present - when I got acquainted with this business has found out that in a surname of an accused introduced error. A formalistic approach in such questions we will not admit - it is a question of life of the child.

One more wild case has occurred in Rossoshi. The father has torn out flat-nose pliers teeth of the five years` daughter that that has burst into tears.

- Such cruelty simply did not go in, - the representative by the rights of the child speaks. - also what has appeared? This man also earlier we judge. When it left the next term, at it and the daughter was born. As relatives and acquaintances then remembered, it obviously disliked it. Probably, it did not like that the girl was born and grew without it. Also what you think? It was found out that it came to a kindergarten with traces of a beating on a back. The teacher asked parents, what`s happened. However in the answer has heard: « Not your business! » the woman has told about all the manager, but that, probably, did not want to interfere. Neither in police, nor in guardianship anybody has informed nothing. A family on the account and have not put. And here to you result! I was converted with the petition that the father have deprived of the parental rights. But on court the position of mother has changed:   « We have forgiven him! How I will live with three children? » and here that when it will return from prison, that, God forbid, will kill the girl, it why - that does not reflect. What it is short-sightedness? Or, can, indifference to destiny of the child?

« the Children`s telephone hotline all becomes more popular »

It is a pity, Irina Popova notices that while it is necessary to work basically upon already perfect wild crimes. And after all on the first place there should be a preventive maintenance. It is necessary to reveal unsuccessful families, to watch them. It will help to avoid many misfortunes. All crimes, as a rule, go from unsuccessful families.

More recently in our area there has passed the action « Children speak to a telephone hotline « Yes ».

- Uniform all-Russian free number on which psychologists are ready to talk to teenagers, (800 200 - 01 - 22 , Voronezh - (473 239 - 70 - 00 , - Olga Stepanova has told. - We explained, how it works, with what problems it is possible to be converted. It has appeared that now 74 percent of Voronezh children know that such telephone hotline exists.

More often children call, if there are conflicts to contemporaries, want to complain of one-way love and to tell about difficulties in dialogue with adults.

- Daily on a telephone hotline call to 40 persons, - Olga Stepanova has noted. - During action carrying out was more than six tens calls.


Phone of the children`s ombudsman: (473 255 - 54 - 19.
the Address: Voronezh, Lenin`s area, d. 1, an entrance 3.
the Electronic address: ipopova@govrn. ru

the ombudsman conducts Personal reception on Tuesdays from 10 o`clock till 13 o`clock. It is possible to come without making an appointment.