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Girls Bujalsky were kneaded on Turkish women

Euro - 2011 will pass in Poland from June, 18th till July, 3rd. Before the championship trainers have planned three preparatory tournaments.

the First of them has passed in the end of May in Druskininkae. Anatoly Bujalsky`s command has defeated Ukrainians Lithuania - 61:45, then has changed Finns - 48:45, and in a decisive match for victory on tournament has conceded to Lithuanians - 76:69.

Bujalsky has concerned this defeat philosophically. The command did not aspire to achieve by all means result, having involved in game all bench. Besides, in Druskininkaj did not take the leader of a national team centre Elena Levchenko whom hardly more the than the others have allowed to have a rest after a heavy season.

Replenishment in the command has occurred only at the expense of the young players, which else it is necessary to prove the right to get to the demand for Euro, and from « iron » Players of a basis Ekaterina Snytina who has passed the World championship has joined the command - 2010 of - for traumas.

these days our girls are on the next tournament in the Spanish Linares. In the first match there was poverzhena a command of Turkey - 74:59. The most productive in our command became Elena Levchenko - 10 points and Anastas Veremeenko with Tatyana Lihtarovich, typed on 11 points. In the program of tournament two more meetings - with Croatian national teams and Spain.

Then Byelorussians will return for couple of days to Minsk, and tournament in the French city of Bove on June, 10th will begin. Rivals there will be even more serious: Russia, Canada, France.