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Accused of sexual harassments eks - the mayor of Ulyanovsk the girl, is going to organise movement In PROTECTION of WOMEN

Evgenie Milansky, accused eks - mayor Sergey Ermakova in sexual harassments, has shared impressions about participation in transfer on the federal channel (detail). « the Ether has begun. I leave together with conducting. I answer a question and I sit down on a sofa I start to tell. All I shiver with stirring. Try all over the country tell who - where you « felt » - the girl has written on the page in LiveJournal. And further: « … there are impressions that I was provoked to counter rudeness, and it was srezhissirovano. I simply wanted to leave therefrom, but feet did not go, I as in a stupor sat on that sofa and have plunged into the uttermost shock from an event... ».

the Following fast Evgenies was very emotional. « On latest developments it is visually visible that if yourself you will not protect, nobody will intercede … the Woman (a difficult minute, for example, after sexual harassments – red.) Remains in private with the internal experiences. There comes despair. Hopelessness of a situation. That would not happen, it is necessary to be silent. Otherwise you will remain guilty! I speak: STOP! ».

Evgenie Milansky has declared that from now on starts to organise the All-Russia movement « In PROTECTION of WOMEN ».

- I will put all forces on that henceforth women did not remain humiliated both destroyed by violence, and mockeries from whose party it would not be: a leah the chief, the representative of the power, husbands, roommates, - has declared Evgenie.

In the end of fast simbirjanka has placed number of the mobile phone and electronic mail that all interested persons could contact it: to share the stories, to support or give advice.

For today consideration of the statement Evgenii Milansky in Investigatory committee is not finished yet. Definitive estimation pravoohraniteli have promised to give next week.

Now the girl solves, who will protect it in court and prepares for struggle continuation.