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Maria Sharapova: Sasha Vujachich helped me with Paris. But only not on court

Maria Sharapova of last Russia from representatives in single categories « Rolan Garros » has left the Parisian courts. Having reached a semi-final, the Leah it has conceded all in two sets to the Chinese woman On, and to blame for it Masha should only itself.

Sharapova and in the previous matches of the Open championship of France did not shine with stability, and in a semi-final game at it frankly has not gone. Ten double errors, admitted on the giving, not that level with which it is possible to apply for a title on « Rolan Garros ».

the Chinese woman, to the contrary, in the first set practically did not suppose errors, ran behind each ball and almost always got to court. Therefore its victory in starting party with the bill 6:4 looked still the big success for the Russian who have not lost under a zero. In the second set Masha has gathered and even conducted in the bill at first 3:1, and then 4:2. However the Chinese woman not only has shown patience, but also could play in the fullness of time more aggressively and to force Sharapova to smear. Having won four games from five last, the Leah On took also all match - 7:5.

On poslematchevoj a press - conferences the Russian did not look madly upset. Certainly, is insulting to stop two steps away from a trophy, but, if to face the truth, and an exit in a semi-final for Masha quite good achievement. It on a tournament course some times was on a hair from a departure, however each time got out of the hole dug out by it.

- the Leah on was sosredotochennee and it is more reliable than me during the key moments, it finished to own advantage almost all important draws, - recognised force of the competitor of Sharapov. -   I had chances to be hooked and for the first set, and for the second - I have earned many break - points. But I was brought continually by feet, I did not do a step forward and committed the next not urged error. Besides today I very badly submitted. Tried to risk, put pressure simultaneously, but at the same time did not feel confidently enough on giving.

Sasha Vujachich held Masha in hand.

it is possible that, having missed victory on it « Rolan Garros » Masha has missed also possibility to carry out dream of any tennis player - to collect the Career Grand Slam, that is to win all four main tennis tournaments. It in a collection already has victories on Wimbledon, the Open championships of Australia and the USA, there is no only an Open championship of France. And here again to it has not sufficed absolutely hardly - hardly, and it for lack of the main competitors - the sisters Williams healing traumas. But it seems that Sharapova`s admirers were afflicted to it much more, than the tennis-player.

- I simply do not think of it, - Masha has told. - it is good that I have won three tournaments of the Grand Slam, and all of them different. But I also would be happy to defeat, for example, three times only on Wimbledon. « Rolan Garros » not « Rolan Garros » … What difference?

before the Open championship of France of Sharapov has won soil tournament in Rome. On tribunes during its matches Masha`s boy friend - Slovene basketball player Sasha Vujachich constantly sat. It has not changed to the habit and in Paris, the television camera regularly snatched out during the key moments in the VIP - a bed of the stirred Slovene. Here only it « magics » on all tournament has not sufficed. On a question « leah Sasha Helped with preparation for matches » Masha has responded evasively:

- Sasha herself has started to prepare for a new season so it works with the trainer on OFP and under the program. But, of course, we together go to sports hall, together we run. On court he all the same cannot advise anything to me.

in spite of the fact that one of the tournaments of the Grand Slam most favourite by the Russian tennis players has not brought to us trophies, the positive moments from it « Rolan Garros » nevertheless is. Maria Sharapova gradually comes back to the former level and again applies for success in any competitions in which participates. And Russia which has endured alternation of generations in female tennis, has again a holder from almost ten sportswomen of world level. Means, our victories still ahead.

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