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Hi, the six-100-th good-bye, hundred parts

This year takes a special place in a collection which collect in the project Leonid Parfyonov and Tatyana Arno. In 91 - m Soviet Union named once president Reagan « an empire of evil » has ceased to exist, and while a planet more recently accurately divided into western and east blocks, came to the senses from amazement, Russians enjoyed fruits of suddenly come democracy. At cinemas the American blockbusters looked, in motor shows stared on officially gone on sale « the six-100-th » « a Mercedes » in tape recorders listened   a chanson typing popularity …

However, it was necessary to listen and things to less pleasant - for example, news that « reception to payment of monetary denominations by worthiness of 50 and 100 roubles » stops;. Or about that thanks to general Dzhoharu Dudaev on a political map of the country has appeared « self-intoned » republic Ichkeria.

it leaders will remember all in program studio together with visitors among whom will be eks - the main banker of the country Victor Gerashchenko, the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov and many other things.

« what our years! ». Saturday, evening. The first