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Samarchanka has lost two million roubles from - for militia sluggishnesses?

70 - summer Ljubov Soloveva played last ten years in all lotteries successively. On each new ticket thought: it it happy which will make its dream a reality. Very much it would be desirable   to transport from the Amur region to Samara a daughter.   business by an old age, at hands over health, and daughters, to the invalid of 2 groups, it will be easier. Mad millions which the habitation costs, were kranovshchitsa for life has not earned. Here also has decided to try the luck in a lottery.

– on January, 15th I sat at the TV, – tells Love of Soloveva. – Watched draw   650 circulations of a lottery « the Gold key ». When named advantageous figures, I thought, I will go mad of pleasure. Apartment for 2 million, here happiness - that has come!

the Ticket belonging to Ljubovi Solovevoj, has won apartment in Samara
the Photo: Elena GENINA

the Big prize at once you will not receive. By lottery rules, the ticket for examination accept not earlier, than in a month. Soloveva has appointed a campaign in the nearest point of the Interpol to March, 1st. Has not had time to depart from the house to steam of hundreds metres as whence - that behind the man has run up to it. It has pulled out a bag where the ticket lay from hands, and has disappeared. The pensioner from a grief hardly the heart attack has not sufficed.

– the same day I have written the application in militia, – She tells. – has explained that in a bag there was a precious ticket. But business have raised on theft of a bag, documents and … 1   500 roubles which lay in a purse.

Soon the pensioner has guessed: the attack was not casual, someone hunted for the ticket. And if not to block to the thief access to money, it here - here will receive them - the ticket - that not nominal, to bearer.

I have personally contacted department of payments in Samara, – the pensioner speaks. – also has learnt that on March, 3rd, 2011 the stolen ticket has been shown at the central office in Moscow. That is, till April, 3rd the investigator should direct to department of payments in Moscow a fax with the request to block payment because the shown ticket has been stolen.    

Three weeks of reminders, answers of the investigator in the spirit of « do not learn me to live » and here a result: the first fax has been sent   only on April, 1st!

In a fax sent from militia, there was number of the ticket and the prize sum. And words that payment under the ticket should be suspended in its communication with theft!
a photo: Elena GENINA

Having received it, Muscovites were struck dumb. Have told that anything similar from militia yet did not receive. In a fax there was number of the ticket and the prize sum. And words that payment under the ticket should be suspended in its communication with theft! The second fax was better nothing than the first. But Muscovites, pronikshis to the pensioner sympathy, did not hurry with payment to the last. And without having received a distinct fax, on April, 4th they have transferred money to the man who behind it was. Now Ljubov Soloveva has written the complaint to Office of Public Prosecutor. And, asks to understand not with the thief, and with the investigator.  

– If it has inserted into a fax a phrase « I ask to block payment   under the stolen ticket » all could end absolutely on - to another! – the pensioner is assured.