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Waste ground at ChelGU will build up with original houses

the Place at « red » state university cases on street of Brothers of Kashirinyh — a tidbit. Here there are all communications — a system I do not want. But long time to occupy a federal site with the area of 70 hectares did not resolve. And now it became possible.

At session of city town-planning council have opened details of the project of building of a federal land. Till 2015 the high school plans to become the national research centre, then will receive the status of the interuniversity research centre with technopark of federal value. Therefore designers take away 41 % of the area to high school — under cases and a botanical garden. In other territory it is offered to mark two microdistricts the area of 400 thousand squares. They should be buried in verdure. The author of the project, architect Nikolay Yushchenko, has used the term « biourbanistics » — a texture of ecological aspect and town-planning. The highest building — in 31 floor — administratively - the educational case of university. Apartment houses will be different etazhnosti. In them will lodge not less than 15 thousand persons. It is supposed to construct a considerable quantity of parkings, children`s playgrounds and spacious intraquarter fares. And any typical buildings. There will be schools and gardens. And the botanical garden becomes a buffer zone between inhabited constructions and campus.

two bridges will be useful For transport convenience — from street Molodogvardejtsev ending points. Together with a new line on other party of the river Miass they will connect area to Work street. Is planned to begin building in 2012.

So new inhabited quarters on University quay will look.