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Melani Loran in delight from work from Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has affirmed as the intention to remove a spaghetti - a western « Dzhango released »   (Django Unchained) with Leonardo di Caprio and Will Smith. The scenario is already ready. And thus he has not left idea to remove a prequel « Disgraceful mongrels ».
Moreover, Brad Pitt and Silt of Companies have already confirmed that they subscribe under this project.

the French actress Melani Loran, who has played Shoshanu Drejfus (Shossana Dreyfus), has informed that though she and did not think before to be shot in background of the well-known black comedy of Tarantino. But...   « If Quentin removes a prequel, I hope, as about my Shoshanu he will not forget » - Loran has told - And I am ready to act in film though tomorrow.

During shootings at Tarantino I felt that I am a part something especial. And though it was the Big Hollywood, I had friendship from Tarantino. Warm, almost on - European chamber, conditions were present on shootings ».