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The machine - origami

And the hedgehog of Eroshka on the clearing has arranged rally. These are such competitions for cars.

Origami is technics of creation of different figures from a paper. Putting a sheet of paper divergently, you can make anything you like. Give today we will combine the machine.

1. Take a square sheet of paper. Bend a strip, as is shown in drawing.

2. At this strip unbend corners. Corners will be machine wheels.

3. Combine preparation half-and-half.

4. The bottom part of preparation unbend upwards so that the step has turned out.

5. The top corners bend inside.

6. Turn preparation by face sheet upwards. You can paint the machine and its wheels.




Game - hodilka

to Arrange rally it is possible four together.

Cut out machines - counters, put them on the paths. Throw a cube and by turns do courses everyone on the strip. The one who the first will reach finish, becomes the winner of rally!


the Word on tsvetkah

Read a word and enter it in sections. For this purpose you need to build the letters written on tsvetkah, in correct sequence. The letter written on a flower with one petal will be the first. The second - on a flower with two petals. How much petals - such and letter number.



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