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Chubays has apologised before motorists

to the Russian officials to apologise before the people   not from a hand. They do it extremely seldom and, as a rule, only by the sharpest necessity. Head « became an unexpected exception; Rosnano » Anatoly Chubays, which   in the blog has apologised for those inconveniences which are caused by journey of its car to other drivers.

we Will remind that earlier one of blogerov has accused head « Rosnano » Anatoly Chubays that its train provoked an emergency on Minsk of highway, and protection accompanying it - in « to diversion preparation ».

- On Minsk of highway near congress to Odintsovo Anatoly Borisovicha Chubays`s car, without paying attention to a road marking and obviously creating an emergency, stuffed participants of movement, – has written bloger avmalgin and has placed on video Internet.

Thus bloger asserts that has passed Chubays`s car forward   after has seen that an escort car « prepares for diversion ».

- I have not understood, in which actions of my driver or protection he has seen « outlined diversion ». Or, God forbid, to it nobody has touched its car, to it have told nothing on a public address system, nobody applied any power actions to urge it to change speed or a movement direction.

I do not see here not only diversions but, to tell the truth, and actually incident, - Chubays in the blog has written.

Head « Rosnano » has noticed that its protection, « having faced obvious intended blocking of movement of the car » operated in this situation « easy and vzveshenno ».

At the same time Chubays recognised that movement on roads of officials disturbs to ordinary motorists.

- In - the second, under the relation to all drivers. And here just I would like to use a case to apologise. To apologise that we really sometimes cause them inconveniences our journey, - he has written.