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Nikita Belyh: Deputies of the State Duma began to be voiced about it - yes they have gone in *

About Russian the power and a society:
- When I took active part in activity of oppositional movements and parties, I absolutely sincerely abhored the power.

Now when I work as the governor, my relation to the power has not changed. I consider that the power merits still the worst epithets, than with what it is awarded by numerous any participants of discussions. But I began to understand, how much at us the society is problematic also... In that conflict which exists between the power and a society, there is a fault and that, and other party.

about the beginning of the labour way:
- the First my employment records – the journalist - is dated 92 - m year when I was 17 years old... I have earned the first money, upon my soul, on gamble by vouchers in 1994. Any serious money. After that I was included into boards of directors 17 - ti the large enterprises, beginning from metal works and finishing airlines.

about possibility of cooperation with korruptsionerami for the sake of general welfare:
- I recognise that as soon as you will borrow money at korruptsionerov, you become korruptsionerom.

Korruptsionerov it is necessary to put - or not to consider them korruptsionerami.
Variants to tell: « OK, we know that you korruptsioner, we close on it eyes … you give money for that » is, excuse, not to me.

about training of the elder son in Great Britain:
- I very much did not want, that the child was trained as the governor`s son in any of educational institutions of the Kirov region.

Because I before eyes had some variants of governor`s sons which were very negative... Therefore me the decision was accepted, - it was gave to me extremely painfullly, extremely painfullly – to direct the child there where all to spit, whose it the son. Where just the same demands where it will receive both education, and education will be made to it... I have made it - and before I have made it, I about it have written also all it have publicly explained. Then noisy campaign has begun, deputies of the State Duma began to be voiced about it – they have gone in *.