Rus News Journal

Warming is transferred on Monday

Weather forecasters promised us approach of summer this week, now took for heat a delay – on Friday will cease to become cold, and the present heat will visit capital only next Monday.  

in spite of the fact that till now weather did not please townspeople, it has had on a hand the fireman. Thanks to the last rains a fire danger class – otherwise readiness for self-ignition – in Moscow and area has been lowered with 3 - 4 to 1 - 2. But level of precipitations remains extremely low, now the nature would be not not prevented by a plentiful moisture from the sky.

on Tuesday on May, 17th, also thanks to an anticyclone and all following, air pollution in capital will be minimum. It is authorised to breathe a full chest!

last night in Moscow suburbs from the West the atmospheric front has appeared suddenly, by the morning it has reached Moscow. And it means that cloudy weather with clearings up, with a small rain and temperature 14 today is expected. 16 degrees. The wind will blow from the south, jugo - the West with a speed 4 - 9 metres per second. Pressure in norm, and here humidity of air raised, promises a portal Meteonews . It will play a malicious joke with the people, suffering affliction chronic diseases of joints and a backbone. But allegrikam rains will do good: they will beat to the earth pollen from blossoming plants. On the Sun small indignations are possible.

on a national calendar today day Pelagei. Was considered that the oak from this point on starts to turn green, cherries, apple-trees, pears, early grades of a guelder-rose, a dogrose blossom. And to gardeners on May, 17th advise to impart (kopulirovat) fruit-trees.