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In Russia will return penal servitude?

on the Congress of association of the lawyers, taken place in the Moscow State University, have suggested to enter again in Russia... Penal servitude. Especially grave crimes (terrorism, drug-dealing, murder of children) lawyers consider correct to qualify some categories as « evil deed » and to punish a termless hard labour.

and this exotic thought somebody has sounded not, and the head of Committee of the Federation Council of the constitutional legislation the merited lawyer of Russia Alexey Aleksandrov. He considers that « heavy physical work without amnesty, without pardon, appointments, correspondence is extremely necessary as punishment in criminal law » and a hard labour quite adequate replacement of the death penalty unlike the lifelong maintenance in spetskolonii. However, Alexanders it has appeared not against simplification of a fate guilty in insignificant, for example economic, crimes, where « It is necessary to appoint a heavy fine ».


will not redeem, but though will feel

And what such in penal servitude revival? And what objections, except shouts of note legal experts: « the Hard labour it is inhumane, we so will roll down in the Middle Ages... » tell it to Americans at whom penal servitude existed till 1997. And in Turkey, Argentina, India and Korea (not Democratic People`s Republic of Korea) and up to that moment is such punishment in UK.

Why all these bad people should know, what for their life there is no threat, and to pound the sides which have grown dumb with idleness? For example, that got which has killed and has eaten the schoolgirl, and now submits the claim, having offended by words of her mother who have named with its swine and the moral freak. Why it should live, guzzle simply, instead of wait for next day with fear, what it tomorrow will squeeze out to a mummy status?

on a broader scale - that I too against penal servitude. If will return the death penalty.

Alexander GRISHIN


is not executed, so zamuchaem

Well, idea quite organic for Russia - 2011. More precisely, for its collective unconscious, strongly got confused in causally - investigatory communication and considering that, « if nuts have twirled, and to live badly, means, them have twirled not up to the end ». While public opinion in the moods where - that on the middle. That is to kolesovanija, gallows on the areas and floggings shpitsrutenami people have not ripened yet (realising that on a calendar not XVI century and we though hardly - hardly, but Europeans), but with thought that with criminals it is necessary to speak in their language - a bullet for a bullet, a knife for a knife, crucifying for crucifying, - they, seemingly, were born. And here very convenient crafty offer on penal servitude - say, and give (if to Europe promised) we will not execute, and it is simple zamuchaem...

I Am afraid, here we deal with a certain Higher lesson which we and cannot acquire. Harm generates harm. Cruelty - cruelty. And the criminal sowing death, and a society wishing death, TOGETHER untwist this flywheel... And, apparently, do not think to stop.