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The prime minister has opened the Novorossisk tunnel

To bottom of the Big Caucasian ridge Vladimir Putin has arrived by the helicopter from Sochi.   all waited for the prime minister to open the Big Novorossisk tunnel. As a matter of fact, a tunnel opened in the second time.   and it has been constructed in 1888.

- the tunnel then was under construction prisoners, - Putin has reminded the railwaymen who have gathered for solemn opening. - have constructed to measures of that time rapidly, for 2 years.

during the Great Patriotic War this strategically important transition blew up twice, then restored, but, as a matter of fact, it remained such as it have constructed in a XIX-th century...

the piece of iron goes straight to Novorossisk port which after Union disorder became key port of Russia.

the tunnel was in a deplorable state, rails periodically filled in with water, movement stopped, modern trains on dimensions were not entered. Here also it has been decided to build nearby one more. The additional tunnel has allowed to close old on global reconstruction. Pass have expanded, have protected it from water, have observed all modern norms of security.

as a result instead of a two-acceptable old tunnel has appeared two single-line. This expansion will allow to increase carrying capacity three times.

- the major modern infrastructural object for development of the south of Russia is constructed, - Putin has told. - as a matter of fact, the new tunnel is constructed.

Vladimir Putin is assured that goods turnover will grow in the country only, therefore it is necessary to develop a transport infrastructure with an advancing.

further Vladimir Putin with the help vi - deokonferentsii, organised in a tent directly at pass, has communicated to builders of similar objects on all country.

for example, workers from the Roksky tunnel   have asked the prime minister to allow to accelerate it object repair.

- Importance of the Roksky tunnel cannot be overestimated, - Putin has told. Is the vital artery connecting Russia and South Ossetia. I will give the commission to count, probably, your offer correct and will be possibility to accelerate building.