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31 - summer singer Pink has given birth to the daughter

Many long years wilful and naughty singer Pink remained main otorvoj world show - business. Scandals with its participation, frank photosessions (well and that, the lady - that it effective!) And frank interviews – not to consider. Actually, a genre in which it created and behaved outrageously even named the special term – « dans - the punk ». And only recently the rank of not most ordinary of bottoms missed by it - stars the Eider has picked up the Lady. However, Pink about it hardly worries, as at the age of 31 years at last - that has got the baby.

on June, 2nd at the singer the daughter whom happy parents have christened Uillou Sejdzh was born. A surname - Heart, on the father.

- We cannot nadivitsja on our perfect daughter, - has written Pink to the numerous admirers in the microblog on Tvittere. – It super, poured out – her father.

the Father of the babe – motogoshchik Keri Heart, with which Pink it was combined by a legal marriage in 2006. He has immediately responded in Tvittere laconically: « Uillou Sejdzh is perfect, as her mother! »

we Will remind that hearings about pregnancy of the singer have appeared in the autumn of last year. Tens paparazzi though any time was considered that the information on the future of the child only a duck hunted for shots of Pink with the approximated tummy.

Earlier Pink declared that has taken in creativity a break because wants « to live happily ».

Pink and Keri Heart - very effective pair.