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Recording of the album Slayer is postponed: the guitarist is treated for a sting of a poisonous spider

Legends a trash - metal « Slayer » have decided to postpone record of the next album. The guitarist of group Jeff Henneman continues to be treated for an infection received after a sting of a poisonous spider. At the musician nekrotichesky fastsit, a virus amazing a skin. Dzhef cannot already recover from illness about half a year, has transferred operation on a hand, to it some times replaced a skin.

we Will remind that last months « Slayer » not to violate a condition before the concluded contracts, are urged to go on tours without Hennemana. It in group temporarily replace familiar to fans of a genre Alex Vebster   (« Cannibal Corpse ») and Gari Holtom (« Exodus ») . With them veterans even have gone to joint tour « the Big four » a world trash in the company with « Metallica » « Anthrax » and « Megadeth ».

that the beginning of work on a plate is postponed, public was told by the soloist and a bass - the guitarist of the command Tom Araja.

- Jeff should restore still the musical form, to train a hand, - he has told. – it will be stretched longer, than we thought earlier. We were ready to sit down at studio though tomorrow, but we will wait Jeff`s recover. It – a part of our collective. Therefore also we take a break.