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It is proved: music AC/ DC pacifies sharks

Australian Matt Uoller earning on life by that carries interested persons by the walking ship in the high sea to take a look at sharks, has made interesting opening. Falling to a special cage under water, he tried to find out, how those or other songs of different genres influence predatory big fishes. It has touched about two tens tracks and has found out that the song « has the most positive influence on them; You Shook Me All Night Long » groups « AC/ DC » (an album « Back In Black » 1980). According to Uollera when this music sounded, in sharks curiosity woke up, they considerably lost in aggression, sometimes swimming up to a cage and trying about it poteretsja.

- as if wanted to feel this music! – the diver enthusiastically tells.

And after all « You Shook Me All Night Long » - not a ballad at all, quite to itself fervent such hard.

the Scientists specialising on water predators, make a helpless gesture: they cannot explain the nature of such behaviour. After all at sharks, speak, and ears - that are not present, they under water only feel vibrations.

Though, can, the answer is much easier. Sharks - that – the Australian. And on Green continent native group « AC/ DC » the big turncoats presume not to respect only. At least from patriotic reasons. That zubastym to big fishes any British « DeepPurple » or American « Nirvana »? And here « AC/ DC » is on - to their, on - avstralijski.