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Eminem has legal proceedings with Audi - considers that the company has stolen at it a song

White rapper Eminem again has legal proceedings. This time the company « became object of its claim; Audi ». The musician accuses the manufacturer of cars of unapproved use of its hit « Lose Yourself » in the advertising purposes. The song actually sounds in one of new rollers of firm. Eminem asserts that the rights to a song for advertising sold « Crysler » and « Audi » - did not sell. The claim requirement – not only the urgent termination of translations of advertising where sounds « Lose Yourself » but also solid indemnification for copyright infringement.

Most likely, « Audi » will suffer from - for nonprofessionalism of advertising agency to which has been reserved promo - campaign of a latest model of a car of firm.

Some mass-media result the fact: after in advertising « Crysler » Eminem has begun to sound, rates of sales of cars of this stamp have jumped up on 54 %.


With whom Eminem had still legal proceedings?

2007 – the actor has brought an action against service iTunes for unapproved placing of its tracks.

2005 – in the attention centre there was a company « Apple » which Eminem has accused of use of its song in advertising without its corresponding permission. It is curious that the claim turned around all the same song « Lose Yourself ».