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In Voronezh have shown a comedy, from - for which Alexander Reva has made scandal

on June, 3rd in « Sinema Park » have shown a new comedy « All inclusive » with Nonoj Grishaevoj, Feodor Dobronravovym, Anna Ardovoj, Romanom Madjanovym, Miroslavoj Karpovich. The Premiere of the film voronezhtsy have seen for a week before start of official hire. Have presented a picture to our spectators director Edward Radzjukevich (the actor « 6 shots » and the director « My perfect nurse » « Matchmakers - 3 » « Daddy`s daughters ») The featured actor Michael Bespalov and producer Peter Zekavitsa.

the Premiere of a comedy about daring rest of our compatriots in Turkey on a twist of fate has coincided with tragical events when Russian tourists have poisoned palenym with alcohol on one of Turkish resorts.

- you did not have a desire to transfer a premiere? – we have asked a film crew.

is not so simply to make, nevertheless it has been planned for some months, - producer Peter Zekavitsa has responded. – But we unlike other companies which used this tragedy to own advantage - as a sneer company, such will precisely not do. At us a kind family comedy.

- Well, what is this public relations such – connected with a grief and a pain of people? – Edward Radzjukevich was indignant.

is regrettable, but a single instance. Actually, Turkey – the developed country. At us perish from poor-quality alcohol much more, - Michael Bespalov considers.

to Use as public relations tragedy there is no necessity. Advertising to a film will be provided with scandal with participant Comedy Club Alexander Revoj. Komedijshchik has seen in a film plagiarism.

- We have already faced last week an unpleasant case. It has appeared, there is a scenario of media person Alexander Revy which has been registered in Russia in 2008 under the same name. More precisely at us « All inclusive, or all inclusive » and at it « All inclusive, or All inclusive » - Peter Zekavitsa speaks. - And it was going to bring an action against us supposedly we have stolen at it the scenario. But anything similar at us with his composition is not present. Simply such name from tourism area became already nominal, has strongly become current. And consequently it is a lot of projects and scenarios, books, blogs, articles it uses. We have received the scenario, have examined. At them the claim to three points. That action occurs in Turkey that in our play there is a protagonist, and that at us genres &ndash coincide; a comedy. But the comedy genre is present at the world in an unlimited number, the protagonist is in any play. At it in the scenario heroes too have a rest, walk, drink, dance. But at us a film absolutely about another – at us about love. It is not known, a leah we will have legal proceedings. A roar has tried to receive from us money that business has not become known. He wrote to our script writer to Alexander Malenkov (the editor-in-chief of known man`s magazine – red.) . We this business already named « Pies against Malenkov ». We consider, truth on our party. And that any money tries to receive from us that we have gone to Turkey and have shot a good film, it is absurdity.  

Founders of a film All inclusive have shown it voronezhtsam for a week before start of official hire.
a photo: Tatyana PODJABLONSKY

is any extortion. The dishonourable relation Roars calls us a heap of indignations. And if it is required, we will protect ours honour and worthiness. Because we hide nothing, we know that our scenario is original, - Michael Bespalov has added.

- Disputes concerning the name are conducted for no reason. It all the same what to argue concerning WC. Really, if someone shoots a film about a toilet and names it WC, someone will have legal proceedings with it? – Radzjukevich smiles.

Edward Radzjukevich has told about funny things on shootings, and also, when « blossom » comedy actors, and in what case he will agree to remove in the films the wife and the son. details read on our site in the near future.