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The Hollywood director Rupert Uejnrajt has shot a film about Tatarstan

« Tatarstan: speed of life » - so the application film of Kazan on World championship carrying out on water sports of 2015 is called. A film about dynamically developing city in which lately there were prompt changes. The capital of Tatarstan prepares for acceptance of the University game 2013, new sports objects are under construction, people change. Speed of life of Tatarstan grows. Lately Kazan became the centre of carrying out of many sports competitions not only Russian, but also the international scale. Today Kazan applies for a rank of capital of the World championship on water sports. The application film of Ruperta Uejnrajta will be presented on voting FINA.

Rupert Uejnrajt, the director of films « Dillindzher » (1990), « the Empty check » (1994), « Stigmaty » (1999) and « the Fog » (2005).

- We want to open simultaneously the Tatar and European component of Kazan, - has told about idea of a film of Rupert Uejnrajt. - I can tell that already enough well I know citizens of Kazan, their character. To me it is very pleasant to appear again after three years here and to work with your people. The application film of Kazan for FINA is called « Speed of life » (“ Speed of Life ”) And it is not casual. After all inhabitants of Kazan are distinguished by strong power, the pressing forward to move forward. It also excites me ».

Rupert Uejnrajt worked over the project within two weeks. The largest sports objects of the University game have got to an objective of the chamber of a film crew 2013: new football stadium and a sports complex « Zilant » swimming pools « the Petrel » and « Orgsintez » tennis Academy. And, as it became known, the director prepares also the second film. It becomes the presentation roller of Tatarstan showing development of republic and its investment appeal. In a mode non - stop daily worked an order of 50 persons. The film crew already worked over creation of application films of the World Summer student`s sports of 2013, and also the World championship on football of 2018.

the Order of 50 persons daily worked on creation of films in a mode non - stop.

we Will remind, the decision on award of the right of carrying out 16 - go and 17 - go the World championships on water sports 2015/ will be accepted 17 on July, 15th current year at the session of Bureau FINA spent within the limits of 14 - go the World championship on water sports to Shanghai (Peoples Republic of China).