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The industry grows in the Rostov region faster, than across Russia

the Don statisticans have summed up the first half of the year, having pleased with results. It seems that our economy right steps leaves world crisis. So, industrial production on Don has grown on 12,7 %. And this percent even above all-Russian which has made 9,7 %. According to experts, its dynamical development was contributed by manufacture growth in the majority of processing kinds of industrial activity.

so, in a machine-building complex output has been increased by 27,1 % in manufacture of an electric equipment, the electronic and optical equipment, on 3,3 % manufacture of vehicles and the equipment and on 2,1 % - cars and the equipment has grown.

for example, at Open Company enterprise « TagAZ » the volume of shipped production from the beginning of year has made 6 249,9 million roubles, or 162,5 % from level of last year. Sales of models « have increased; Santa Fe » « Tager » « Tiggo » « 100 » and « LC100 ».

Rate of increase of quantity of shipped production from January till June of this year at Open Society « Rostvertol » in comparison with the similar period of the past has made 176,1 %. And the volume of output has grown on 107,3 %. Besides according to the Governmental order of the Russian Federation from 31. 03. 2010 202 « About measures of the state support of the organisations oboronno - an industrial complex in 2010 » this enterprise had been prepared documents on reception of grants.

besides it, indicators of rate of volume of shipped production of Open Company « personal computer NEVZ » for six months have added on 113,4 % in comparison with last year`s. And on volume of output they have made 109,8 %. Here financing of works on creation main passenger shestiosnogo an electric locomotive of a double food - 20, and also on modernisation of an industrial complex of this Novocherkassk factory as a whole proceeds. It is planned that the volume of the investments directed on these purposes, will make an order of 500 million roubles. Besides, in the end of May the contract between Open Society of the Russian Railway and Joint-Stock Company « has been signed; transmashholding » about deliveries with 2012 for 2020 of two hundred passenger electric locomotives of manufacture of Open Company « personal computer NEVZ » in cost 1 mlrd euro.

in addition machine-building production of the Rostov region was included into the list of the basic commodity groups of export of the first half of the year 2010, has made 6 %, or 92,7 million US dollars from export total amount. Thus the basis of export of production of mechanical engineering was made by the equipment and electric cars. And leading importers of production are the CIS countries.